Why Am I Getting the Newsletter Twice?

On Fridays I re-send the newsletter to those who haven’t opened the original sent on Tuesday. It generally has a slightly altered subject line beginning with “You may have missed” or something similar. Why? Email delivery is tricky business. As we’ve all experienced email doesn’t always end up in our inbox, perhaps being diverted to … Read more

What is “clicks.aweber.com”?

Unfortunately some security services and/or malware will block clicks.aweber.com, which is safe, and used by my newsletter to help me understand what people are looking at.

Why is my email at the bottom of every newsletter?

I’m concerned about the length of time my name has been posted at the bottom of your newsletter page. I would like you to delete it, if at all possible. Does it only show up on my machine? Or is out everywhere? I have never seen new subscribers listed there, so it just seems…unusual.

It's not at all what you think.

At the bottom of every newsletter is some administrative information.

More to the point, your information appears only in your copy of the newsletter.

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2012 Newsletter Changes

I want to thank everyone who provided feedback for the survey that I ran last month regarding newsletter frequency. The overwhelming winner was "do whatever you want", which I truly appreciate.

Taking your feedback and factoring in my own goals for the new year (more answers for you, less work for me :-)) I've decided to tweak a couple of things about the weekly newsletter.

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Does your newsletter have a virus?

What do you make out of this ? I get it every time you send me a newsletter.

“The MessageLabs Email Security System discovered a possible virus or unauthorised code (such as a Trojan) in an email sent to you. The email has now been quarantined and was not delivered.”

What we have here is what's called a "false positive" - your security software claiming that something it potentially malicious when it isn't.

We'll look at how this can happen, and possible steps you can take to avoid the issue.

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Why am I getting certificate errors when I click on links in your newsletter?

In November of 2014 Ask Leo! made the move to SSL.┬áThat means that all connections to web pages on the askleo.com domain, including the on-line archive of the newsletter, as well as the articles the newsletter links to, begin with “https”. This does two things:

  • It confirms that you are indeed connected to Ask Leo!, and not an imposter.
  • It encrypts the transfer of data between your computer and the Ask Leo! family of web sites.

Unfortunately it also has an additional side effect:

  • It causes errors in some older browsers and mail programs.

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Why do I keep getting a newsletter subscribe pop-up on your site?

I am already a subscribed to your newsletter, but I keep getting a pop-up asking me to subscribe. This ‘nagging’ action is a fairly recent problem. This is beginning to annoy me and I would appreciate knowing how to stop this from occurring.

First, thanks for subscribing, I appreciate it.

Second, I’m sorry that my site is annoying you. It’s not supposed to.

The problem is cookies.

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