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The Ask Leo! Newsletter

Why Am I Getting the Newsletter Twice?

On Fridays I re-send the newsletter to those who haven’t opened the original sent on Tuesday. It generally has a slightly altered subject line beginning with “You may have missed” or something similar. Why? Email delivery is tricky business. As we’ve all experienced email doesn’t always end up in our inbox, perhaps being diverted to … Read more

What is “”?

Unfortunately some security services and/or malware will block, which is safe, and used by my newsletter to help me understand what people are looking at.

Why is my email at the bottom of every newsletter?

At the bottom of every newsletter is some information about your subscription. Your information is only displayed in the copy sent to you.

2012 Newsletter Changes

In January of 2012, the newsletter will begin publishing twice a week and include some minor tweaks. Another change is in store as well.

Why did I completely stop getting your newsletter?

If you notice that you stopped getting the Ask Leo! Newsletter in the spring it’s possible you’ve become collateral damage in the war against spam.

Why can't you put full articles in your newsletter?

The weekly Ask Leo! newsletter contains article excerpts and links to the website to continue reading. I discuss the reasons why.

Newsletter Administration

Answers to common questions for subscribers to The Ask Leo! Newsletter.

Does your newsletter have a virus?

Occasionally, the Ask Leo! newsletter will get flagged as having a virus or malware. It doesn't. We'll look at why this happens.

How do I change the email address on which I get your newsletter?

Changing your email address for the weekly Ask Leo! newsletter is easy. It all starts with a click on a link in the last newsletter you've received.

How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

Unsubscribing from the weekly Ask Leo! newsletter is easy. All it takes is two, maybe three clicks.

Why am I sometimes not getting your newsletter?

Like any newsletter, "Leo's Answers" the weekly newsletter from Ask Leo! can sometimes be filtered as spam by mistake. There are things you can do.

Why am I getting certificate errors when I click on links in your newsletter?

In November of 2014 Ask Leo! made the move to SSL.┬áThat means that all connections to web pages on the domain, including the on-line archive of the newsletter, as well as the articles the newsletter links to, begin with “https”. This does two things: It confirms that you are indeed connected to Ask Leo!, … Read more

Aweber Confirmation Email

I never received your confirmation message, please subscribe me.

When you sign up for my newsletter, I send an email to the address you specified containing a link you must click. I’ll look at why you might miss it.

Why do I keep getting a newsletter subscribe pop-up on your site?

The popup box that appears a short time after you first visit Ask Leo! should only appear every few months. If more, it’s probably cookie related.