Why am I sometimes not getting your newsletter?

I am an email subscriber. Lately your newsletter has been coming almost every other week as opposed to every week. Why?

Nine times out of ten if you didn’t get Ask Leo!’s weekly newsletter it’s because it was erroneously filtered as spam.

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1. Check your spam folder

Check your spam or junk mail folder and see if it was placed there. If you find it there and your mail service or program¬†supports it, make sure to check “This is Not Spam” or the equivalent. That’ll help teach the spam filter that, no, The Ask Leo! Newsletter is not spam. ūüôā

2. Whitelist Ask Leo!

To reduce the chances that this will happen again:

Whitelist the email addresses “leo@askleo.com” and “leosanswers@aweber.com” if your email service has a whitelisting option.

Regardless, add both¬†“leo@askleo.com” and “leosanswers@aweber.com” to your address¬†book. This is also often used as a clue by spam filters to determine whether or not you really want something.

3. Let us know if it keep happening

If this happens more than 2 or 3 weeks in a row, drop us a line saying so, and we’ll see if there’s any more information we¬†can gather. (Just use the ask a question page.)

4. Read it online

Remember that you can always read the most recent newsletter on-line here: https://newsletter.askleo.com/current-newsletter/. ALL newsletters (since 2005!) are also archived here: https://newsletter.askleo.com Рjust hit the Archives menu in the upper right.

And if you’re up on “feeds” and/or “RSS”, you can always put¬†the newsletter’s RSS feed in your feed reader:¬†https://newsletter.askleo.com/feed.