Why is my email at the bottom of every newsletter?

I’m concerned about the length of time my name has been posted at the bottom of your newsletter page. I would like you to delete it, if at all possible. Does it only show up on my machine? Or is out everywhere? I have never seen new subscribers listed there, so it just seems…unusual.

It's not at all what you think.

At the bottom of every newsletter is some administrative information.

More to the point, your information appears only in your copy of the newsletter.

At the bottom of the newsletter...

At the bottom of each issue of the newsletter, you'll find something like this:

Newsletter footer

Where the email address will be yours.

Your email address is present only in your copy of the newsletter.

My copy of the newsletter has my email address. My wife's copy (yes, she's a subscriber Smile) has hers ... and yours has yours.

Each newsletter is unique to the person getting it in this regard.

So, no, I'm not sharing your email address with thousands of subscribers.

The unsubscribe link is yours, too

The unsubscribe link that appears in your copy of the newsletter is unique to you as well. That's why it has that long string of seemingly random characters.

That's why I advise removing it before you forward the newsletter. If you leave it in, someone else could click on it and unsubscribe you.