2012 Newsletter Changes

I want to thank everyone who provided feedback for the survey that I ran last month regarding newsletter frequency. The overwhelming winner was "do whatever you want", which I truly appreciate.

Taking your feedback and factoring in my own goals for the new year (more answers for you, less work for me :-)) I've decided to tweak a couple of things about the weekly newsletter.

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Starting in January 2012, it'll come out twice a week. Existing subscribers don't need to do a thing - you'll now get two newsletters each week: one on Tuesday morning, as before, and one on Friday morning. (The newsletters will still be archived on the site as well.)

Tuesday's newsletter will have at least three articles, a new "word of the week" featuring entries from the Ask Leo! glossary, and a product or service recommendation.

Friday's newsletter will also have at least three articles, a sampling of reader comments as well as my own "thoughts and comments" section.

Tally that all up and it's actually more information each week spread out over two shorter newsletters.

I've also created something to take the place of the "Popular Articles" section in the regular newsletter. The Best of Ask Leo! is a new weekly email subscription that sends you a complete, hand-picked article from the Ask Leo! archives. These are the articles of enduring significance and lasting value; the best. You can head over to The Best of Ask Leo! right now and subscribe.

Important Administrivia: I'm taking advantage of this time of change to also change something else: the name. "Leo's Answers" never really felt right - I guess it just seems too pretentious, to be honest. I'll simply call it The Ask Leo! Newsletter. As a result, those of you that have set up filters based on the subject line of the email might need to adjust them:

Until 12/31/2011:

From: Leo Notenboom - Ask Leo! <leo@ask-leo.com>
Sender: leosanswers@aweber.com
Subject: Leo's Answers #000 - date

Beginning 1/1/2012:

From: The Ask Leo! Newsletter <leo@ask-leo.com>
Sender: leosanswers@aweber.com
Subject: Ask Leo! #000 - topics in the newsletter

You'll note that the email addresses that are being used are not changing, so any filters that you have set up based on those will continue to work. I'm hopeful that the new subject line format will be more useful to you as well by presenting a highlight of the topics that are contained in the newsletter.