👍 #791 – Will My Old Computer Run Windows 10?

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More Windows 7 fallout: will your old computer even run Windows 10? The answer is a very definitive: maybe.

There's a good chance it will, of course, but there also may be some unexpected side effects.

Check it out.

Also this week

Speaking of older computers, I have some ideas on speeding them up.

It's tempting, and it's certainly better than nothing at all, but just copying files to back up may leave you unprotected.

Seven and a half years ago I bought my wife a Mac. Here's what happened.


Will My Old Computer Run Windows 10?

Hi Leo; I have an old HP computer with Windows Vista. What do I need to do, short of buying a new computer?

As with so many things … it depends.

I'll review what's necessary to run Windows 10, and then we'll examine a couple of alternatives.

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This Week's Articles

How to Speed Up Your Older Computer: Five Options

What is the best method to increase speed and avoid “XXX not responding” from anything I try to open on my older computer, a Lenovo laptop which has 4 GB with 3.6 used (my newer one with 8 is blazing fast). It can be very slow. This happens usually when I first start it up or after it has been on awhile. Are there file or programs I could safely delete or move to an external drive to increase efficiency? Thanks!

You're not alone. Many people with older computers face this struggle. The machine they've been carefully using for years seems to get slower and slower over time, with each subsequent update of operating system and/or applications.

The good news is, we have options.

Continue Reading: How to Speed Up Your Older Computer: Five Options

Can't I Just Copy Everything Instead of Using a Backup Program?

For security in case of a crash, can I just copy everything — like my entire C: drive — to an external drive as a backup, rather than using a backup program? At the present time I am just copying My Documents to a flash drive, but am concerned that to recover I would have to rebuild all the files and updates if I had a crash.

Sure. You can do that: just copy everything. It certainly provides a level of protection, and it's significantly better than doing nothing at all.

But… (You knew this was coming, right? Smile)

Your safety net has some large holes in it.

There are things you're missing that a traditional backup program would catch and back up for you — things you'll really care about should the worst happen.

Continue Reading: Can't I Just Copy Everything Instead of Using a Backup Program?

Why I Bought My Wife a Mac (Updated)

(This article dates back to 2012, but be sure to read the 2020 update at the end. Smile)

My wife's old laptop had served well for many years, but its age was beginning to show. Maxed out, running Windows 7 and lots of assorted applications, it was just getting … pokey.


Not absolutely, horrifically slow, but slow enough from time to time that clearly, action would soon be called for.

Now, normally I would back up, reformat, and reinstall. It'd been a while since I'd done so, and the machine was probably overdue for deep cleanup.

And it would probably help. For a while.

But she was overdue for a new computer anyway, so I'll be completely honest and call it what it was.

An excuse.

Continue Reading: Why I Bought My Wife a Mac (Updated)

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