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How do I automatically redirect one web page to another?

How do I redirect a web page to another? I have a page with a .dk top level domain and one with .com and would like the .dk to automatic forward visitors to my .com domain. I've found 4 lines on the web describing the code but it doesn't work. And can the same be done if you just own the domain name and doesn't have space on a web server?

This is one of those things that I do just infrequently enough that I can never remember the exact syntax, and I end up looking it up again from the last time I did it.

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways, depending on what kind of access you have to your domain and/or server, and what kind of functionality your domain registrar or DNS provider gives you.

Continue reading: "How do I automatically redirect one web page to another?"

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How should I configure my swap file / virtual memory settings?

I have Windows XP Pro SP2 MCE with 2 gigabytes of RAM, to which I just added a 500 MB hard drive to the original 250 MB HD. The new drive is now the primary. Both are 7200 rpm SATA. What do you recommend for a swap file? The "3X RAM" rule of thumb doesn't make much sense. It should be bigger with less RAM, not more. It's currently set to a 2 GB minimum and 4 GB maximum size on the C: drive partition. What size should I set it to, should it be on a different partition, and should I give it its own partition? I will be doing a lot of scanning and Photoshop, if that affects the answer. It's my understanding that a fixed size reduces fragmentation (or at least makes defragmentation easier). I've also seen suggestions for making the swap file an entire partition. (I have Partition Magic.) Would putting it onto the second drive improve read/write speeds? The second drive will be for backing up data files and not in constant use.

You're asking a lot of good questions, and providing a lot of the right kind of data from which to make some recommendations.

I've written about Virtual Memory a time or two already and it does seem like so much voodoo to many people. The same is true for figuring out what to do with it.

But if you're trying to eek out a little more performance from your machine, it's possible that a couple of settings might help.

Continue reading: "How should I configure my swap file / virtual memory settings?"

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Why do I need a default browser?

Why do I have to choose between IE7 and Firefox as the default browser? Why can't I set an option to right click an html file and then choose either IE7 or Firefox to browse? Something similar to view/edit a jpg...right click and choose "Open with" whatever viewer/editor is configured.

Well, just like a ".jpg" the system needs to know what to do when you double click on a ".html" file, but I'm probably missing something here.

On my system at least you can do exactly what you describe.

I'll show you.

Continue reading: "Why do I need a default browser?"

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How do I maximize data transfer speed on my LAN?

I am in a small business with 4 computers and 1 printer networked. Data transfer speed is very important - do I need a server or router or something else? Does cable length substantially affect transfer speed?

As with many things, it depends. But let's look at a couple of the things that may, or may not, affect moving data around on your LAN.

Continue reading: "How do I maximize data transfer speed on my LAN?"

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First, Count to 10

In email the quickest response is not always the most appropriate.

Continue reading: "First, Count to 10" Article Includes Audio

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*** Popular Articles from the Archives

I'm sure we all wished at one time or another that the answer to this one was "yes":

Can I stop or 'un-send' an email I sent by mistake?

I wrote an email from my yahoo email account and sent to the wrong email address in Europe. Is it any way that I can retrieve the email I sent from the wrong email address, delete it before the wrong recipient can read my email?

Unfortunately the news is not good.

Read more... Can I stop or 'un-send' an email I sent by mistake?

*** Thoughts and Comments

Yes, a mailing list I'm on had a small blow-up last week, which is why both this week's podcast, and the new article on TamingEmail.com are on the same subject: holding back on the visceral urge to reply, reply now and reply strongly.

And it didn't dawn on me until just now that the "Previous Article from the Archives" I selected this week often relates to that same situation.


'till next time...


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