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I hear TV and Radio are converting to all digital. How will that affect me?

I hear with in two years TV, Radio Communications and maybe Computers will go from Analog to Digital. How will this change effect all the TV's, Radio Communication Devices and computers in use today???

Well, to begin with, I think you've overstated things a little. The only devices under immanent "digitalization" are televisions.

But even then, things aren't quite as bad as you think.

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Are human relations skills important to computer programming?

This is actually for a school assignment for a class called Human Relations in Organizations. I have to ask someone with a career in my technology these three questions:

1.) What skills do you use everyday to deal with others at work (co-workers and clients)?

2.) How often do you use those skills (a specific number, like a percentage of a typical day, or week)

3.) Do you think a class about human relations should be required for an associates degree in computer programming? Why or why not?

Normally I don't answer homework questions. (You'd be surprised at how many I get that are obviously someone trying to get me to do their homework for them.) This one, besides appearing to be an honest question as part of an honest assignment, speaks to something I feel strongly about. And it's not something I would have guessed as I was starting out my career in computer programming.

People are much more difficult to communicate with than computers.

And yet, way more important.

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How should I backup my hard drive with several partitions to an external drive?

I am a relatively new PC user and want to start backing up my hard drive. I have a 160gb external drive and my PC has two 80 gb drives configured in a raid 1 set up. The PC drive has 4 partitions on it.

Must I create the same 4 partitions on the external and back up the contents of each parton in the PC to the relevant new partition on the external?

I have a copy of Power Quest Drive Image v.7.0 which I believe will create a mirror image of the whole PC hard drive. If I used this what preparation would I need to do on the external?

First let me say good on you for setting up a backup. Sadly you're in a minority. Most people don't think about backups until it's too late.

The answer to your question depends in part on the capabilities of your backup software. But I do have some ideas and recommendations.

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How can I do dictation on my computer using my voice recorder?

My job involves a lot of travel be it plane or auto. I also need to do a lot of call reports relating to my work. I am a cumbersome typist and if I had a way to reduce typing boy would it ever make my job easier. I was reading your article about voice recognition a while back and it got me to thinking. I have a battery operated mp3 player/voice recorder. Could I do dictation to the voice recorder while traveling our in my motel room and then set up my computer so it could do voice recognition right through the sound card in my computer using my voice recorder as the source of the voice? If so how would I set this up?

I'll give you an idea or two about setting it up, but then I'll advise you not to bother. Smile

My belief is with the state of today's voice recognition technologies, down this path lies only frustration for the situation you describe.

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All hail ... the iPhone?

It's a very cool device. And I'm not getting one.

Continue reading: "All hail ... the iPhone?" Article Includes Audio

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*** Popular Articles from the Archives

The release of the iPhone and what it apparently can't do reminded me of this approach to connectivity I use when I'm traveling:

How do you stay connected in weak cellular areas?

This is another of those questions I asked myself. I'm finding myself spending more time in rural Washington state, with more expected. My primary way of staying connected to the internet is my cellular phone's data plan, but out here on the farm we're in a fringe area. Coverage is weak, and disconnects are common.

Correction: they were common. I've got quite a good connection as I'm writing this.

Here's what I did...

Read more... How do you stay connected in weak cellular areas?

*** Thoughts and Comments

If you're one of the many folks who plan to pick up an iPhone, use it for a few days, and let me know how you like it. Everything so far has been hype, and I think folks are more interested in how real people react to the real thing.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that the internet is global. I try to keep that in mind as I write some of my articles, most recently the digital TV item. The U.S. has a specific plan and deadline, but as for the rest of the planet? I have no idea.

And the rest of the planet is reading ... here are the top 10 countries visiting Ask Leo! in the last month, in order:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Singapore
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand

The US is 53% of visitors, but that means that 47% of visitors are located elsewhere. That's a huge number. The UK, with 13% tops that list.

Welcome all! I hope you're finding Ask Leo! helpful and interesting.

'till next time...


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