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What do the "Report and Delete" or "This is Spam" buttons do?

When you have junk/spam in Hotmail, & you click "Report & Delete", does Hotmail really report it?

Yes and no.

The intent behind that button is to reduce the amount of junk mail you might get in the future. However I'm guessing that it's not doing what you think it is.

The question is who's doing the reporting, and who's getting the report?

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Can my ISP monitor my internet usage?

Can employees at a local telephone ISP read my e-mails and monitor my web surfing and tell others about what they read/see?

Yes they can.

The real question is would they? Probably not.

And if it's of real concern to you, what might you do? I do have some ideas.

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How do I find out what program is using all my CPU?

My machine is slower than molasses in the winter time, and I suspect that one or more programs are simply using up all available CPU time. How do I tell which ones they might be so that I can turn them off, or whatever?

Yep, that sounds slow.

Actually it happens to me from time to time as well. A program will decide it has something very very important to do, and decides to use your computer and all of its processing power to do it.

The good news is it's easy to find out which program that might be.

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What is Error 8000FFFF when I try to install a Windows Vista Update?

I recently got a new machine with Windows Vista pre-installed. Naturally one of the first things it does is connect to Windows Update and install a bunch of updates released since the Vista DVD was created. But one of them fails with error 8000FFFF. Why? And what do I do?

So I'll come clean: this is me asking myself the question. I recently got a new laptop with Windows Vista pre-installed, and have started down the Vista path.

Naturally I was disappointed to start out by getting that error.

And my disappointment around that error continues.

Continue reading: "What is Error 8000FFFF when I try to install a Windows Vista Update?"

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Google's Web History might surprise you

Is it a feature? Or an invasion of privacy?

Continue reading: "Google's Web History might surprise you" Article Includes Audio

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*** Popular Articles from the Archives

Spam rears its ugly head in many, many ways. Bounce messages for mails you never sent is just another annoying symptom of spam.

I keep getting bounce emails for addresses on my domain that don't exist. How can I stop this?

Lately I have been receiving returned emails that were originally sent by a randomly generated email address in my domain. These accounts don't exist, but when the mail is returned we get the returned email. How can I stop this?

The painfully short answer is that you probably can't. Though there are some ideas to at least make it a little less painful.

For what it's worth, you're not alone. You are so not alone.

Read more... I keep getting bounce emails for addresses on my domain that don't exist. How can I stop this?

*** Thoughts and Comments

In case you missed it above, I've carefully dipped my toes into the Vista waters. My new laptop (a Dell Latitude D620 Notebook ) arrived last week with Windows Vista Business Edition pre-installed.

So far it's been pretty cool. The security pop-ups that everyone's complaining about don't seem that annoying to me, though I can see how they might be to others. I've run into a couple of programs that simply don't work, or don't have Vista updates available yet, and I've had to shell out for a new copy of my aging anti-virus package.

But my email's there. Thunderbird and Firefox work just fine on Vista.

Overall I'm relatively pleased, but I'm not done yet. I haven't yet stumbled into any Vista features that would make me say "oh, you gotta have this". And I'm sure there are more surprises in store for me as I continue my migration. I do plan a full report on Ask Leo! in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

'till next time...


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  1. I need help, since a few day’s now, I am having problems with my outlook express 6.0, I am loosing the ability to send and recieve mail,I contacted my IN service provider which could not help, as all the settings are right in there,it is suppose to be a problem with outlook itself,I did uninstall Internet Explorer,because Outlook is part of it, got my send and recieve email back, but a few hours later i checked outlook and it was the same error message I get now for two weeks:Error:10061,Error Number 0x800CCC0E, please help
    Thanks, Luise

  2. i can not read my e mails can you tell me why? this is my first e mail address, so it’s all new to me.

  3. We need a software or hardware to be able to put/installed in our Server in order for us to be able to track the surfing history of our employees because we suspect they are using our computer to play games, surfing on the net, etc….. As such, it there such software that work this way?
    Pls Advise.
    AwaitingThank you, Leo

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