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How do I backup my GMail?

You've mentioned backing up GMail to somewhere on your own computer; how do you do that?

Of all the current free email services, GMail is my favorite. I know I've railed against free email services as your only email service, but they definitely have their place. And GMail is the service I recommend.

In part, I recommend it because I can answer this question. GMail is easy to backup.

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Why does email get lost?

Why do emails get lost on the internet? I know that emails shouldn't get lost, you should either receive a bounce back, or the recipient gets the message, right? It happens to a lot of people; you check the spam folders, you wait for a bounce back, but nothing happens. So why do emails get lost?

Gosh, my first reaction to this question is that I'm often surprised when email works - not when it doesn't. That's a sad reflection on the state of email today, I suppose.

But it's a valid question, so let's look at some of the reasons email can disappear into the ether.

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Why isn't there a restore point where I want to go back to?

I want to restore my Windows XP laptop to a previous restore point but when I go to system restore I only see this month's. Where did all my other restore points go? System Restore is turned on, and I've set the system restore point disk space to maximum.

In short - because System Restore can only remember so much.

Unfortunately people's expectations are often otherwise.

Continue reading: "Why isn't there a restore point where I want to go back to?"

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Can I log into to two MSN Instant Messenger accounts at the same time?

Can I log into to two MSN Instant Messenger accounts at the same time? I want to be able to chat using two IDs simultaneously.

The answer is both no and yes.

MSN Instant Messenger, now called Windows Live Messenger, is designed to support only one account at a time. That means if you login to a second account, you have to log out of the first.

But there are a couple of tricks that, while not elegant, can work.

Continue reading: "Can I log into to two MSN Instant Messenger accounts at the same time?"

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Repair or Replace

The decision to repair or replace a computer isn't always as easy as we think.

Continue reading: "Repair or Replace" Article Includes Audio

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*** Popular Articles from the Archives

If you've ever received an email directly from me, you'll know that I often list a few things after my name - web sites, URLs and the like. It's very common, and it's done automatically.

How do I get my name, title and other information to show at the bottom of every message I send?

What you need is a signature.

What's a signature? It's the Title, Company, Phone number, Fax number, email address, pithy quote, legal disclaimer, website URL, list of website URLs, call to action, and/or dashed line that many people put at the bottom of every message that they send.

Sometimes their signature even includes their name.

Read more... How do I get my name, title and other information to show at the bottom of every message I send?

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If you're interested in another useful newsletter, try Dave's Computer Tips (http://www.davescomputertips.com/newsletterhome.html). Twice a month Dave publishes an informative little newsletter with tips on Windows, Office and more. One feature I particularly appreciate is that I'm always on the lookout for what software other folks are recommending, and each issue contains exactly such a list. Tell him I sent you :-).

I'll be brief today. I'm sitting in my hotel room in Cleveland decompressing from a fairly intense internet entrepreneur's conference. Through the magic of technology (and hopefully my doing everything correctly) I'll actually be on an airplane headed towards Seattle when this gets sent.

'till next time...


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