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Why can't I find or delete 'bridge.inf'?

After running repeated spyware scans and anti virus scans, and manually searching and removing what they could not... I still cannot remove the file called 'bridge.inf'. It is supposedly in the 'downloaded programs' file, but that folder is empty. It isn't causing any problems yet, but I would like to get rid of it just to be proactive. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Apparently 'bridge.inf' is related to adware of some sort. Most of the anti-spyware programs should be able to handle it, but apparently not always.

We can try to find it manually, which is a good example of searching for hidden files in general.

Continue reading: "Why can't I find or delete 'bridge.inf'?"

* * *

My Aborted Plunge into Thunderbird

Migrating from Outlook, I jumped into the deep end of the pool ... and jumped back out.

Continue reading: "My Aborted Plunge into Thunderbird" Article Includes Audio

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Why doesn't MSN Hotmail save my Sent Mail?

My Hotmail "Sent Messages" folder always remains empty, though I sent a number of emails. As a result, I can never confirm they were sent nor review the text again unless I "cc" myself. A search online yielded no results specific to this question nor an email contact for MSN. What's up?

In my humble opinion, Hotmail has several annoyances, and this is another one. I can guess why they do it, but nonetheless it annoys a lot of people.

Hotmail makes saving "Sent Messages" difficult.

Apparently on purpose.

Continue reading: "Why doesn't MSN Hotmail save my Sent Mail?"

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Can I transfer my software to my new machine?

I want to buy a new laptop. Can I transfer the programs from my Dell desktop to the new laptop, things like Microsoft Office, Windows Media, etc., or do I need to buy this software again?

As with so many questions here, the answer starts with "it depends".

It depends on what you mean by "transfer", and it depends on what the license is for each of the software packages.

You may have to re-purchase some, but I'm guessing that for most, you won't.

Continue reading: "Can I transfer my software to my new machine?"

* * *

How do I give multiple PST files different names within Outlook?

When creating individual PST files, I am able to give them unique names, but when you look on the folders through outlook, they all bare the same name... and that's creates some confusion.

Yes, and once again Outlook makes it non-obvious, but it's changeable.

Continue reading: "How do I give multiple PST files different names within Outlook?"

* * *

Can I use my TV as a second monitor?

I have a Dell Computer with Windows XP and a regular (non-flat) TV. How can I connect my computer to my TV such that I can see everything I am doing in the computer on my TV screen. I am not trying to use the TV as a primary monitor but as a secondary one; like the one you can see in a computer show on TV.

If you're planning on using just a normal, plain old television, let me put it this way:

It can be made to work, but "sucks" doesn't even come close to describing the visual result.

And here's a hint: those aren't plain old TV's you're seeing on computer shows.

Continue reading: "Can I use my TV as a second monitor?"

*** Popular Articles from the Archives

Another favorite from the security and paranoia department ... this is something I always do when I'm traveling.

How can I keep my email safe from sniffing?

I recently heard of a scenario where an individual was able to "sniff" or listen in to the wireless network traffic within range and from that, determine the account name, server and passwords from everyone who happened to check email while he was looking.

Scary huh?

And every time you use public internet facilities and hotspots, you may be at risk.

Continue reading...

*** Thoughts and Comments

I tried. Honest, I tried.

Last week you'll recall that I asked for your input on my potential move from Outlook to Thunderbird as my mail client. A sampling of some of the comments:

"I like the way it recognizes spam, and hides pics, and points out scams. It is a *lively* bit of programming technology. The Mozillazine forum is neat for any questions, and quick replies to them."

"I still have to use Outlook on my work computer and moving to it from Thunderbird is like moving from a sedan to an SUV. Outlook is so overburdened with "corporate" features ..."

"Thunderbird gets points over Outlook in terms of customizability. You can make it look like whatever you may like it to look like - even like Outlook."

"I've used Mozilla suite and now Thunderbird since very early on. Very nice, fast, safe (did I say SAFE) and convenient."

So with all that and more positive comments to encourage me, on Monday I decided to dive in and started to convert.

If you've listened to this week's podcast, or read the transcript, you already know what happened. A few hours later I was back in Outlook.

Much to my disappointment, I found a deal-breaking bug in the way that Thunderbird processes a type of Inbox Rule or Filter. The good news is that the Thunderbird support forum was very helpful in isolating the problem, and confirming that it is, indeed, a bug. So I've formally filed the bug report.

And I'm back in Outlook.

The good news about all of this is that with the exception of the bug I encountered, the transition went very well otherwise. While I can't really recommend Thunderbird for the power user just yet, I remain of the opinion that for the casual or personal use it's a fine, fine solution.

I'll keep you posted on the bug's status and my future attempts to migrate again.

* * *

The latest essay at Taming Email: Rules to Live By

The latest entry out at Forwarded Funnies: "The Confessional"

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Leo Notenboom

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