Ask Leo! #739 – What Is “About:blank” and How Do I Get Rid of It?


This week's articles are all updates of previously published articles. Why, you might ask? Well, the way my publication schedule works these were the articles that I worked on the week of Christmas. That doesn't make them any less important or relevant, however. Just a little easier for me to work on in between holiday meals and activities. Smile

"about:blank". You've seen it. You may even have wondered what it might be. Perhaps you've even wondered if it was malware. It's not.

You'd be surprised at how many folks find their taskbar isn't where they think it should be. If that happens to you, it's trivial to move it back.

In another case of "I'm sure you've had this happen", when your email program keeps asking you for a password, it usually a sign that the password you entered is wrong. Usually, but not always!

Next week? Next week we begin a journey ... a journey to my new computer. Stay tuned.

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What Is "About:blank" and How Do I Get Rid of It?

I get the “about:blank” page whenever I run IE. What is a simple, fool-proof way to get rid of it?

About:blank is a page web browsers display when they have nothing else to display.

That's all.

It's not something you “get rid of.”

The problem, of course, is that about:blank can show up unexpectedly, and people get confused about why, and what to do next.

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How Do I Move the Taskbar Back to the Bottom?

My taskbar's on the right side of my screen. How do I move the taskbar back to the bottom where it belongs?

A lot of people don't realize it, but the taskbar can be placed on any edge of your screen: left, right, top or bottom. In fact, if you have multiple monitors, it can be placed on any edge of any display.

Occasionally — usually through a mis-click or accidental mouse action — the taskbar can get moved to somewhere other than where we want it.

So, let's move the taskbar back.

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Why Does My Email Program Keep Prompting for My Password?

I have and use, on occasion, Microsoft Outlook as a default mail program. When I go to use the program, the login menu comes up, asking me for my password. In my settings, I checked “remember password.” I click “OK” and the damned thing keeps coming back and back and back each time I click OK. How can one stop this? After about a dozen or so clicking on “OK” and it will leave me alone for a short while.

That's Outlook's way of saying something's wrong.

I kid you not. That's all.

In fact, it's a very common technique — many email programs keep asking you for your password even if you've specified it, specified it correctly, and specified that it should be remembered.

They just do a really, really bad job at telling you why they keep asking.

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