👍 #793 – Is a Microsoft Office Subscription Worth It?


Subscription models are all the rage. As someone who tries to make a living online, I totally understand the appeal. Subscriptions -- like like my own -- are what keep sites and services available.

Some people react negatively to an ongoing commitment. I get that too.

The problem? Their reaction prevents them from noticing that some subscriptions are cheaper than their single purchase alternatives.

Like Microsoft Office.

Also this week

It's better than it used to be, but installing, installing, and installing more, and more, and more inevitably leads to a unstable computer.

You get a brand new machine. It has Windows 10. Can you install Windows 7? That's a definite maybe.

OK, Boomer. Set aside the grump, set aside the fear, set aside the complaints: it's time to take technology head on.

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Is a Microsoft Office Subscription Worth It?

What's this business with renting software? It might be fine for businesses, but I can't afford to pay every year for the foreseeable future. Is it that much better that the payment is worthwhile?

When Microsoft introduced Office 365 as an annual subscription rather than a one-time purchase, I had the same reaction.

Then I did the math.

It turns out it's a really good deal.

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Does Installing Many Programs Destabilize My Computer?

I try to limit the number of programs I install on my system. I do this because I feel intuitively that the more programs I install, the more quickly Windows reaches that corrupted state that we all know too well, and has to be reinstalled from scratch. I really could make good use of quite a number of programs I don't have installed, but I worry about hastening corruption. I do assume that I can load as many portable applications as I like without worry. Am I on the right track? Or is my thinking just incorrect?

In theory, installing lots of different programs shouldn't destabilize the system, regardless of how they're installed.

Reality, on the other hand, says otherwise.

The real answer is, it depends more on the specific software you install then how you install it.

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Can I Install Windows 7 on a Machine that Comes with Windows 10?

I would like to purchase one of the now very nominally-priced Windows 10 machines without a touch screen or a desktop, uninstall Windows 10, and then do a fresh install of Windows 7. Can this be done, or does one have to remove the hard drive and install Windows 7 from a clean hard drive?

You don't have to remove the hard drive. If this is going to work, you'll simply overwrite everything on the hard drive.

There are, however, a few problems you may run into if you go down this path.

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OK, Boomer: Why Computer Literacy Matters to You

Years ago, I used to say that while I worked hard to learn the skills I needed to be successful with technology — loving every minute of it, by the way — those behind me would have an advantage I never had: they'd be steeped in what we'd call computer literacy almost from birth.

As technology advanced and has become pervasive, it's clear I wasn't wrong. Those generations take technology for granted, and leverage it without a second thought.

Those of my generation (I'm a proud “boomer”) and older are left needing to work to stay on top of it all.

Not only do I think that's a good thing, I think it's critical.

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