👍 #794 – What Security Software Do You Recommend?


It's a common question, but the answer has been getting easier and easier as Microsoft makes its solution better and better.

Particularly after recent news reports that one of the free anti-malware tools has been sharing your information without letting you know, it's a great time to review your own security solution.

As usual, I have recommendations.

Also this week

Updates are free, right? Well, yes. Except when they're not.

169.254.x.x is a magical IP address. It's also frustrating. Smile

Delete a file here, and a copy of the file disappears over there? It wasn't a copy.

TEH is back!

After a bit of a hiatus, the TEH Podcast is back. A new episode released just a few days ago. We talked about Microsoft Edge, privacy, stunning photos of the earth (from a surprising source), and of course more. Have a listen to episode 83 of The TEH Podcast: Back and Better Than Ever - Edge?

As always, thanks for being here!!



What Security Software Do You Recommend?

What security software should I use? What anti-virus is best? How about a firewall? And what about spyware? Should I use one of the all-in-one packages that claim to do everything? Is there anything else I need?

As you might imagine, I get questions like this all the time.

Here's a short summary of my current recommendations.

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This Week's Articles

Are Updates Free?

Is there a fee for all the ‘Updates are ready for your computer' pop ups?


But there are scenarios where there may be. There are also scenarios where the cost is significantly higher than you might imagine.

Continue Reading: Are Updates Free?

Why Can't I Connect with a 169.254 IP Address?

My computer's IP address was 192.168.x.xx, and somehow it was changed to something beginning with 169.254. Because of this, I can't access the internet. Any ideas?

Your computer's IP address wasn't “changed” so much as it was broken.

If your computer ends up with an IP address beginning with 169.254, something is definitely wrong.

Continue Reading: Why Can't I Connect with a 169.254 IP Address?

Why Is the Same File in Two or More Places on My Machine?

You delete what you think is a duplicate copy of a file over here, only to find that the original over there disappeared as well.

What you're seeing is not a duplicate copy of a file, but rather the same file appearing in more than one place. It's common, particularly as Windows tries to “help” you locate and manage your documents.

I'll review some of the ways it “helps”.

Continue Reading: Why Is the Same File in Two or More Places on My Machine?

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