#765 – How To Reduce Your Frustration with Technology

Change is coming.

Actually, that statement could stand on its own, and last for all time, but this week I have a specific reason to mention it: Outlook.com (aka Outlook on the web). This is nothing new. Since the days of Hotmail.com, Microsoft periodically updates the email service in response to customer feedback, as well as to keep it competitive with other free email services.

The latest changes aren't the point however. The inevitability of those changes isn't even the point.

How you deal with it is.

Also this week:

Remote access is one way scammers and hackers try to cause trouble. The catch? Even though you think you can, you can't completely disable remote access. (But that's OK, it's all still in your control.)

Who would'a thunk that one of my more controversial articles in years past would have been about the system idle process.

You want to browse sites that your school has blocked. Sure, you can probably bypass those blocks, but your school could probably tell that something's up. So could your employer, your library, and whomever provides your internet.

In other news...

My friend David Lawrence (XVII, no less), an actor, voice-over coach, and all around great guy, challenged himself to post a video every day this year. More than just voice-over, he's been touching on all sorts of advice and topics to make your life, work, and passions more fun and effective.

One of those topics, recently, was ... ... me. Specifically, David discussed my article on searching, and making it more effective.

A couple of days later he touched on another topic that's near and dear to my heart. His angle was about how best to complain, but in reality it's as much about asking questions effectively as anything else.

Asking questions. What a neat concept. Smile

Anyway, give David's videos a view or two, you'll find they're both informative and entertaining.

Have a great week!


Featured Item

How To Reduce Your Frustration with Technology

When your favorite operating system, software program, or online service gets updated, it can take some getting used to. What was once familiar may now require learning new ways to get your tasks done.

I get frustrated when this happens…

…but not for the reasons you might think.

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Disabling Remote Access Doesn't Disable All Remote Access

Among the very first few things I did when our family first got our most recent computer was to disable remote access entirely. I no longer remember how I managed to do this, but that's just as well because I wouldn't even dream of re-enabling it!

That's a comment I received from a reader relating to the pernicious “tech support scam” where scammers call you, say they've detected problems originating from your computer, and offer to fix it for you — perhaps even for free — if you just give them access to your computer.

Disabling remote access in Windows does not disable this kind of remote access.

I'll review the setting in Windows and compare it to the types of remote access more commonly used by scammers.

And, of course, I'll review what you need to do to stay safe. There's a good chance it's something you're doing already.

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What is the System Idle Process and Why Is It Using Most of the CPU?

This is a great example of things we geeks take for granted that aren't always obvious to the rest of the world.

I mean, really, a process that regularly takes up 99% of your CPU's resources must be a bad thing, right?

Nope, not at all. Just the opposite, in fact.

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Can My School Tell I'm Using Tor?

Will my school know if I use Tor at school?


Will they? There's no way to know. It depends on how closely they're looking.

Can they? Absolutely.

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