#764 – Never Attribute to Malice…

This actually applies to more than just technology, but it's very easy to feel like there are forces, or individuals, out to get you when things start to go wrong or technology misbehaves.

Yep. It's possible.

But it's not nearly as common as some people seem to think.

Before jumping to conclusions, consider whether someone simply made a mistake.

Also this week:

Someone asked what my most "trusted" method for backing up might be. It's not that simple.

Have a web site? Https is becoming more commonplace, but setting your site up to use it can be a challenge.

Remote Assistance? Remote Desktop? They're similar and related, yet different.

Have a great week!


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Never Attribute to Malice...

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

That pithy statement is referred to as “Hanlon's Razor“.

It keeps coming to mind as I hear from people who are absolutely convinced that malice is at play in whatever they're experiencing. That's rarely the case.

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This Weeks Other Stories

What Is Your Most Trusted Method of Backing Up?

I love how this question is phrased, because it made me examine backing up — a topic I've written about frequently — in a completely different way. Instead of looking at just the tools and techniques, it made me consider trust.

In so many ways, all the tools and techniques are secondary to your ability to trust a backup. And trust itself can mean several different things.

Spoiler: I don't trust any single method completely. Instead, I trust several methods a lot.

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How Do I Change My Website to Be an https Secure Site?

I manage the website for a small non-profit. My HTML skills are just enough to stay ahead of the Executive Director's requests. They have asked if we can switch to an https secure site – with all pages being HTTPS. How does one do that? The HTML does not seem to change, but there must be something that tells the browsers to switch to encrypted communication.

This isn't about how your website is designed — as you note, the HTML doesn't change. It's about how your site is hosted.

When you use https, the connection requested by your browser is different. Behind the scenes, https is a completely different protocol than http. Your web server needs to understand and support that for your site.

How you make that happen isn't standard, but it is getting easier.

Continue Reading: How Do I Change My Website to Be an https Secure Site?

What's the Difference Between Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance?

Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance both allow remote control of your computer, but they serve different purposes.

Remote Desktop is designed to allow you to “take over” a computer as if you were sitting in front of it. I might use Remote Desktop to use a computer in another room, or one that doesn't even have a keyboard and monitor attached.

Remote Assistance, as its name implies, is designed to allow one person to help another by accessing their computer — either to view or to control it — while the person being helped watches.

Let's dive deeper.

Continue Reading: What's the Difference Between Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance?

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