#755 – Why Haven’t I Received the Latest Windows 10 Update?

I'm getting both questions: "How do I get it sooner?" as well as "How do I stop from getting it?" The "it"? Windows 10's 1903 update. It was planned for a month ago (at least) and it's still on hold due to a few issues. I've been hearing that it's immanent, but then we've heard that before as well. This week's featured article dives into just what the heck is going on with Windows 10 1903, and Windows Update in general.

More this week:

Also in Windows 10 1903 "Safely Remove Hardware" is changing. And that's a good thing.

If you've encrypted your hard disk, ever wonder how you can change your password without needing to re-encrypt the disk?

Hanging on to Windows 7? Or (eeek!) XP? Is it enough to run an up-to-date browser to stay safe? Well ... yes, no, and of course maybe. It depends more on you than the software at that point.

You might be asking what that whole "featured article" thing is all about. Smile Needless to say I'm making a few cosmetic changes this week to make the newsletter easier to read across more email clients, as well as more useful.

This is actually all leading up to a name change, which I hope to make by next week. "The Ask Leo! Newsletter" (a name that's all about me) will become something along the lines of "Confident Computing", trying to focus more on what's in it for you. It'll still be from Ask Leo!, more-or-less the same content, just a different masthead and hopefully better focus.


Featured Item

Why Haven't I Received the Latest Windows 10 Update?

In recent weeks, there's been much discussion about Windows 10 version 1903. It was available for some, and not others, then perhaps delayed, then perhaps not.

On top of that, I've been asked both how to get it and how to avoid it.

Microsoft continues their unblemished track record of releasing some very blemished Windows 10 updates.

Continue Reading: Why Haven't I Received the Latest Windows 10 Update?

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This Weeks Other Stories

What is "Quick Removal" and How is it Changing in Windows 10?

Microsoft recently made an announcement that as of Windows 10 version 1809, the default for the “Quick removal” setting would be changed.

The pragmatic result is that you should see or need to use “Safely Remove Hardware” less often.

Let's look at why that is.

Continue Reading: What is "Quick Removal" and How is it Changing in Windows 10?

How Is it Possible to Change a Password Without Re-encrypting an Encrypted Disk?

How is it possible that you can change your Windows password without re-encrypting a hard disk that was encrypted using that password?

I'll assume you mean BitLocker whole-disk encryption, but the concept applies to many different encryption tools. You can often change the password (or passphrase) without needing to re-encrypt whatever it is you've encrypted.

The secret is simply this: your password wasn't used to encrypt the disk.

Something else was.

Continue Reading: How Is it Possible to Change a Password Without Re-encrypting an Encrypted Disk?

Is an Up-to-Date Browser Secure on an Out-of-Date OS?

As support comes to an end for Windows 7, many people are concerned about the security ramifications of continuing to browse the internet with it.

As Windows XP users discovered, many browsers continued to support XP long after its end-of-support date.

Were they secure?

To answer that, we need to dispel a common myth.

Continue Reading: Is an Up-to-Date Browser Secure on an Out-of-Date OS?

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