#756 – On Confidence and Technology

I'm not changing the name of Ask Leo!

Just wanted to clear that up. It's only the newsletter that's getting the (additional) name of "Confident Computing", as you can see above, this week. And "Ask Leo!" is still an important part of it all.

Ask Leo! is much more than just a weekly newsletter, and that's not changing. As more than one reader pointed out, I've invested almost fifteen years into the Ask Leo!® brand, and it's not something I'd ever throw away lightly.

So, why the change (again, only for this weekly newsletter, and not all of Ask Leo!)?

I won't bore you with all the details, but the fact is in order for Ask Leo! to continue I need more subscribers. By making what the newsletter offers more explicit and reader-focused I'm hoping that more people will see the value and join us on the ride.

Thanks to everyone who reached out. Your concern's deeply appreciated.

. . .

This week's featured article dives into the topic of Confidence in more detail. Why I believe it's a problem, and why I believe it's so important. Yes, when it comes to computing and technology I believe that many face a serious crisis of confidence that gets in the way of their ability to really benefit from all it has to offer.

More this week:

Sometimes the pragmatic solution is to start over. That applies to Windows 10 itself, and the technique's built in. It's often the most pragmatic solution when fighting a problem.

Office for free? Well, maybe. The app that (sometimes) appears in Windows 10's start menu might lead you to believe you have it. The installed version isn't free, but there is free version of Microsoft Office you can use.

"Can't they just tell me my password?" No. No they can't. Not if they're doing security right. If you're trying to avoid setting a new password for an online account there's one (small) straw to grasp at to recover your existing one.

Thanks, as always, for being here!


Featured Item

On Confidence and Technology

This week, you'll notice that The Ask Leo! Newsletter has been renamed to Confident Computing: Technology in Terms You Understand (by Ask Leo!).

I want to take this opportunity to talk about why I've elected to be a little more explicit about my focus on using technology with confidence.

It starts with what is now almost 15 years of questions.

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This Weeks Other Stories

How Do I Reset Windows 10?

Sometimes, when faced with an assortment of Windows problems, starting over is the most pragmatic alternative.

Windows 10 includes the ability to reinstall (or “reset”) Windows to its just-installed condition.

There are definitely a few caveats to be aware of, however.

Continue Reading: How Do I Reset Windows 10?

Getting Microsoft Office for Free, Sort of

Is Microsoft Office free in Windows 10?


But then again, yes it is, sort of.

In fact, there's a version that's free for anyone on any version of Windows — or indeed, almost any operating system.

Continue Reading: Getting Microsoft Office for Free, Sort of

Recovering an Existing Online Account Password

How can I find out my current Gmail password?

Your current password?

You may not be able to.

You may be able to use the account-recovery techniques offered by Google and Gmail to set a new password, but Google will not tell you your current password.

If you're very lucky, however, you may be able to discover it somewhere else: your browser's saved passwords.

Continue Reading: Recovering an Existing Online Account Password

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