#754 The One Thing Every Non-technical Person Needs to Know

One thing. Just one thing. One thing that everyone, especially the non-technical, should know.

Windows 7. Will it keep working? Sure. But should you care?

You've done it. I've done it. Sent email to an unintended email address. Will it get read by someone? That's a definite maybe.

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The One Thing Every Non-technical Person Needs to Know

What should every non-technical person know about the internet, social media, smart phones, technology, or cyber privacy and security?

It took me a millisecond to answer this. It might even be one of my most important answers, ever.

Don't believe everything you read.

From headlines designed to get you to click, to content designed to enrage you, to poorly researched and vetted content, misinformation is everywhere.

You need to be able to tell truth from fiction, and know not to trust what you can't verify.

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Will Windows 7 Keep Working After Support Ends?

Apparently there are people that believe when support for Windows 7 ends it'll stop working. That's just wrong, right? It'll keep working? Can't I just keep using it?

Yes, Windows 7 will keep working.

You can keep using it, but it's important to understand the risks involved.

One thing we've learned, though, from being here before, is that the risks may not be as horrific as some make them out to be.

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Will Email to an Invalid Email Address Be Read by Someone?

I just sent an email to the wrong email address. I am positive that the email I sent it to was wrong as I read it once it left and it asked if I wanted to add it to my contacts after I sent it! The @XXXX.com part of the address was my work. I am 100% certain that there is no one at work with that address. Please tell me where it could possibly have gone and is someone going to be able to read it??? I am really worried as it was quite personal.

You won't like my answer.

There's just no way to know.

At least, not unless someone did get it and then tells you they did.

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