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So here's a sneak peak for my newsletter subscribers ... this won't get announced anywhere for a while, but you can have a look right now: http://www.TamingEmail.com. Taming Email is a pet project that I've had in the back of my mind for quite a while.

I know a lot of people who are totally overwhelmed with the volume of email that they get. I get a lot too, multiple hundreds of emails every day, in fact, and yet ... my inbox is empty. When I tell that to business acquiantances after they stop cursing me they invariably say "I need to know how you do that", often followed by "can you write up whatever it is you do?". So I will.

Progress'll be slow ... maybe a new essay every couple of weeks or so, but I hope it'll be valuable for many people dealing with the beast that email has become.

Apparently I needed a new project for the new year.

Reminder: if you don't use Automatic Updates, be sure to install the WMF Exploit Patch.

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*** New Articles of Note on Ask Leo!

Can I have too many drivers?

My digital camera needs for me to install a driver. Nothing unusual about that. I now have half a dozen or more devices (MP3 players, scanners, printers, and the like) that need drivers. My question is, does each driver I pile on top of windows (ME in my case) make windows that much more flaky? Should I be removing drivers when I don't think I will need them any more to avoid problems? It just seems to me that if you load too many drivers, windows would reach a point where it would be so burdened by drivers that it could never work right.

This is a classic case of "Theory" versus "Practice".

In theory everything should just work.

In practice? Not so much.

In fact, it's one of the causes of something called "software rot".

Continue reading: "Can I have too many drivers?"

* * *

How fast can Microsoft fix a bug?

Was Microsoft's WMF Exploit response fast enough?

Continue reading: "How fast can Microsoft fix a bug?" Article Includes Audio

* * *

Why can't I add files to my CD-R?

I have just burned music files to a CD-R for the first time, then at a later date tried to add a music file to the same CD-R. I get the message my disk is closed when I try to add a music file at a later time. Is it not possible to add files to a CD-R disk after you have already burned files?

Burning CD-ROMs has gotten easier over time, but it still suffers from some obscure terminology and odd situations. Add to that CD-RW (which is quite different from CD-R), and I can easily understand some confusion resulting.

Continue reading: "Why can't I add files to my CD-R?"

* * *

I have up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Do I still need SP2?

If I have a recent McAfee Security program installed and running do I need SP2 for XP windows too? I've been told they conflict with one another.

In a nutshell: yes you do.

Anti-virus, anti-spyware and even firewall software are only parts of the picture. Without staying up to date, you may still be at risk.

Let me explain why.

Continue reading: "I have up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Do I still need SP2?"

* * *

Where can I get a PSP downgrade?

Where can I get a PSP version 2.60 to 2.50 downgrader?

I'll be honest - I know nothing about the Playstation Portable, aka PSP. I tend towards PC-based games, myself.

So, I turned to my friend and colleague Dave Taylor, who runs the appropriately named Ask Dave Taylortech support site. Here's his answer:

Continue reading: "Where can I get a PSP downgrade?"

* * *

How do I remove boot choices that I no longer want?

I have a annoying problem on my PC. I have 2 partitions on my computer. On the main partition I have Windows XP Pro and I tried to install Windows XP Media Center on my second partition.

All went well until my installation froze, so I had to reboot.

Now every time I boot my PC, I keep having the choose to start with my original Windows XP Pro or Windows XP Pro Setup. And if I choose for the setup, my computer crashes.

Is there a way to remove that choose and all the other installation files from Windows Media Center? I've already formatted the second partition.

It sounds like you've already gotten rid of the installation files by reformatting, so all that's really left is getting rid of your boot choice. If the installer worked as I expect it did, it should be easy to fix.

Continue reading: "How do I remove boot choices that I no longer want?"

*** Popular Articles from the Ask Leo! Archives

With the recent activity resulting from the WMF Exploit, its patch, and several of the workarounds that preceded the official patch, this article has been getting a lot of visitors lately:

What if I *want* Windows Picture and Fax Viewer?

A very common question most folks have shortly after installing Windows XP is How do I make something other than "Picture and FAX Viewer" the default for viewing pictures?.

The other day I got a couple of variations on the reverse:

What is the file name and extension for Windows picture and fax viewer? I want to use it for an OLE object to view pictures.


How do I change my default image viewer back to the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer?

Turns out it's easier to get rid of than it is to restore. But not impossible.

Continue reading...

*** Interesting Sites and Useful Resources

Ask Dave Taylor

Another resource for getting your tech support questions answered. Dave Taylor runs a service very similar to Ask Leo! - in fact we occasionally act as resources to each other and trade questions. Dave's a respected author of many books, and has a strong Macintosh background - something I lack. Dave takes on a wide range of topics from business issues to Mac, Windows, Linux, Web design ... even the Sony Playstation Portable! Be sure and tell Dave that I said "Hi!".

* * *

The latest entry out at Forwarded Funnies: "The Age Barometer

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Leo Notenboom

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  1. When I start windows the “System 32 file/folder” opens and also the “Microsoft Office Document Imaging” opens along with a box from Microsoft Office Imaging that says “unable to open document, check your connection and try again. Then there is and OK to click.
    Is there a fix for this? Not too good on the computer,if there is fix please make it simple so that I can fix. Thank you much, Wanda

  2. I posted this, but don’t think it went through, so: When I open a folder, it is in web page view, with large icons, I change it back to list view, and uncheck web page view…next time I open it, it has changed back again, what am I not doing, or is the puter possessed?
    Thanks Leo (my hero!)
    Dee Fick

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