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What's the best way to revert from Windows Vista to run applications that don't work?

I recently purchased a computer. It came with Vista premium. The programs I bought this computer for will not work with Vista. It keeps telling me there are compatibility issues and to got to the Microsoft website. I found no support there. I guess what I'd like to know is if it is possible to remove the hard drive with Vista and install my last hard drive with XP? All the programs I need will work fine on XP. My old processor just wasn't fast enough. I know the question is kind of vague and might not be answerable with the lack of info I have given. My old computer was a put together by a friend who gave it to me when he was done with it. The new one is a HP a1700n. Or, is there a way to remove Vista and install XP on this one. In order for me to use Vista, I will have to replace most of the programs I work with. That is a little too spendy. Any suggestion would help.

I haven't taken the Vista plunge just yet (though Vista Ultimate is sitting on a shelf behind me as I type), but your complaint is one that I've been hearing from time to time: Vista doesn't run everything just yet. Normally it's a problem with hardware drivers, but I understand some applications may have difficulty as well.

So what's the best way to "revert" to Windows XP?

There are a couple of options, but none of them are truly seamless.

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How do I keep my information on a shared computer private?

I share a computer and I want to know how to keep my information private.

Ultimately ... you can't. At least not easily, and even then it depends on the data that you're attempting to keep private, and the technical savvy of the individuals that you're attempting to keep it private from.

There's nothing like your own computer. But if you have to share, there are a couple of things that might help. A little.

Continue reading: "How do I keep my information on a shared computer private?"

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How can I duplicate my existing letterhead in Word?

I would like to copy my husband's business office stationery into word or word perfect 12 so that when we have letters to write it will be written on the stationery, is this possible?

Possible? Yes. Easy? Not really.

I've done it once or twice, and my approach has always been a little time consuming, though once done I have exactly what I want.

Continue reading: "How can I duplicate my existing letterhead in Word?"

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Can I install programs on an external drive?

Windows XP-Home is installed on my C drive. Will programs, games and so on run if installed on my external E: drive or do they have to be on the same drive as Windows?

The short answer is yes, but there are, as always a few caveats and clarifications I need to make.

Continue reading: "Can I install programs on an external drive?"

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Why won't Flash work, even though it's installed?

How to I turn on Flash Player? When I go to the download site for Adobe the banner says that I have flash installed. Then I go to a website that I know has flash and it says "This site requires that you have flash player." I have already tried re-formatting to no help.

Wow. Reformatting sure seems like overkill for a problem like this. Reformatting's a pretty major step, and not something I'd recommend without investigating things deeply.

I'm not sure what might be the problem in your specific case, but I can tell you this: there's at least one excruciatingly simple reason that Flash might not show up on many web sites, even though you've installed it.

In a word: JavaScript.

Continue reading: "Why won't Flash work, even though it's installed?"

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Posting on the bathroom wall.

Would post your phone number on a bathroom wall? Then why do so many people do the internet equivalent?

Continue reading: "Posting on the bathroom wall." Article Includes Audio

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*** Popular Articles from the Archives

Use Outlook? Noticed the size of your PST file lately? You might want to check.

What can I do about Outlook's huge PST?

.pst files are one of Outlook's repositories for email, contacts, calendar information, and much more. (Not Outlook Express, by the way.) There's a physical limit on .pst size that's up around 2 gigabytes but more practical considerations like speed often make us want to control the size well before reaching that stage.

Read more... What can I do about Outlook's huge PST?

*** Thoughts and Comments

Internet Tip of the Week is a fun resource - one tip a week about random internet related items. Yep, Ask Leo! is referenced from time to time, so it must be good, right!?

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And of course more are being added each week.

Have a great St. Patrick's Day everyone :-).

'till next time...


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