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Can a website cause my computer to get a "blue screen of death"?

My wife has recently been intermittently experiencing the blue screen of death while on MySpace. It also wipes out the bookmarks in Firefox. I have always kept her machine lean and mean and up to date. It has current drivers, only four background programs and five non-Microsoft tasks running. Two separate Dell diagnostic programs give the hardware (one year old) a good bill of health. I have recently read that MySpace is using MS server software that is running out of expansion capabilities, and they are in fact having difficulties. Can a web site with the right combination of problems result in a BSOD or can that only occur locally within the PC due to a local problem?

Whatever problems MySpace may or may not be having, causing your "blue screen of death" (BSOD) isn't one of them.

A BSOD should never happen, but when it happens it always indicates a problem happening on your machine.

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Do I need to do something about the upcoming change to Daylight Savings Time?

I was forwarded some email that said the dates for Daylight Saving Time are changing, and that I need to take steps to make sure that my computer's clock would be set correctly. The links went to the Microsoft web site, but I couldn't figure out what I need to do, if anything.

What do I need to do?

Daylight Saving Time (DST) in the United States will be extended by four weeks, beginning this year. It'll start three weeks earlier and end one week later than it would have by the old rules.

So the question boils down to: how will your computer find out about the new rules?

As is so often the case ... it depends.

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Is there a way to easily open email that's been forwarded multiple times as attachments?

I use Outlook 2003. When I get emails from people that have been forwarded numerous times, I try to open them and I have to keep clicking open the email attachments until I get to the originator's email to be able to read what's in the body. How can i fix that so that I can just get to the original email without having to open all the others? Isn't there a setting that can fix that? It's really annoying.

It is annoying. I get these types of emails all the time (many of which make their way to my humor site Forwarded Funnies).

I can explain why it happens. I can even point out something that some of your senders might be able to do.

But so far, I've not been able to figure out a way to avoid it if you're the recipient of these messages.

Continue reading: "Is there a way to easily open email that's been forwarded multiple times as attachments?"

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Is it safe to connect a drive infected with a virus to my computer?

I have a hard drive that was diagnosed with a virus. I had it replaced but it contains many files (pictures, data, etc.) that I would like to recover. Would it be safe to connect it to my computer as a secondary drive and attempt to copy those files to my computer's primary drive?

I'm a tad concerned that there's more going on here than you've stated. There's no reason to replace a drive just because it contains a virus. Viruses don't harm the hardware in any way that would necessitate replacement.

That having been said, your question is a good one: does mounting any disk, be it a hard drive, DVD, CD-ROM or even a floppy, that contains a virus put your system at risk?

Yes, of course there's risk. But the risk is in what you do after you mount it.

Continue reading: "Is it safe to connect a drive infected with a virus to my computer?"

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Why can't I open a certain file that's on a CD?

I made a CD of my address book & when I tried open it I got the following message. "The address book has been locked by another application. Please close the other application & try again later" I Googled the problem & I did as Microsoft suggested & made sure the "Read only" box was unchecked In all address book files. It was. Still no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The problem, I suspect, is that there are two types of read-only.

And a program that requires that files NOT be read-only wants it both ways.

Continue reading: "Why can't I open a certain file that's on a CD?"

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I get email from some folks that have a line at the beginning:


And then near the end of their message there's:


followed by some gobbledygook. Now I see that same stuff in some of your responses to comments on your site. What's it all about?

What you're seeing is called a "signature". It's digital data that accompanies a message, and is somewhat similar to a hand-written signature, except for two important facts:

  • It can be used to validate that the message came from who it claims to come from.

  • It can be used to prove that the message wasn't tampered with.

These days both of those can be pretty important.

Let's look at how, at a high level, this type of signing works.

Continue reading: "What does "BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE" mean?"

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The one skill you should hone.

What's the one computer-related skill that you should improve?

Continue reading: "The one skill you should hone." Article Includes Audio

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*** Popular Articles from the Archives

I get this one so often, it's frightening. And somewhat depressing.

Would you please recover my password? My account has been hacked or I've forgotten it.

  • Someone hacked my Hotmail account and changed my password and my secret question. I have emailed customer service for help but I haven't gotten an answer. Can you get it back for me?

  • Someone has hacked my email address and has changed my password, my personal information and my secret question. I can't log into my own email account! Please help me recover my password. The id that has been hacked is *****. Please rescue me.

  • I am not able to log into my Yahoo account that I've been using for the past 10 years. I clicked on the "forgot password" link and filled in all the details. It's asking me for answer to my secret question - "who's my friend?" How would I remember who would it be 10 years ago? Please reply and save a soul. I have very important information in my mails.

  • I've forgotten my password and the answer to my secret question. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you send my password to *****@*****.com?


There is nothing I can do. I have no way to help you.

Here is what you can do...

Read more... Would you please recover my password? My account has been hacked or I've forgotten it.

*** Thoughts and Comments

Blatant plug: Chris Pirillo, aka LockerGnome, is a friend of mine and recently started a new email newsletter, "Pirillo's Picks". It's best described as "links to good stuff". As you might imagine, Chris gets a lot of stuff thrown at him every day, and this is the best of the mess. It's dangerous, I tell you, to get this email and then wastespend the next half hour investigating all the cool stuff that Chris has linked to.

You can email picks<at>lockergnome.com to join the list, go to http://chris.pirillo.com/category/picks for the archives, or use the RSS feed at http://feeds.pirillo.com/Picks.

(I told Chris that I'd be running this, and he was nice enough to put Ask Leo! in the very next issue. Thanks Chris!)

As I mentioned last week, I do plan to "do the Vista thing" in the near future. In fact, there's a shiny new copy of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition sitting on my desk as I type. It'll be difficult for me, but I'll be taking it slow, though, so that I can try to document the steps I take. If it's not a total disaster, it could be educational for everyone.

I suppose if it is a total disaster, that'll be educational too, but for a completely different reason.

And yes, Office Ultimate 2007 is here, and I'll be giving that a whirl as well.

'till next time...


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