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Can I password-protect a folder?

Can I put a password on a folder so that only I can see its contents?

Yes and no.

You can do something similar to password protecting it using Windows security features. It depends, though, on using the computer the "right" way. On top of that, I actually don't really recommend it. If you have something that you want to password protect and keep secure, I recommend a slightly different approach.

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I get "Error Number: 0x800CCC19" when sending email - how do I fix it?

How do I resolve the error message "Error Number: 0x800CCC19" when sending a message in Outlook Express in Microsoft Windows XP?

This is one of those times when Google really is your friend. A search on just the error number 0x800CCC19 returns lots and lots of relevant items.

And most seem to center on one particular cause.

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My '2' key stopped working. How do get Windows to recognize it again?

The number '2' key stopped working. And when I type the 'Q' key, I sometimes get a 'a' instead. What am I doing wrong? Is there a setting I need to adjust?

It's a surprisingly common question - a key on the keyboard is acting up for some reason. There are several reasons that a key might not work, but a very large number of people fail to realize a very simple fact:

Keyboards can break.

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"Unable to update region settings" - how do I fix that on my DVD drive?

I am in England so when I played an English DVD, the region changed. But now I want to watch American DVDs so I need to change it back. But when I put the DVD in, the change the region prompt doesn't come up. I went through the device manager to try to change the DVD, but when I press ok to have it changed to region one, it says:

"Unable to update region settings. Please make sure the drive contains a region 1 media and you have administration privilege."

I have never had a problem with administration privilege before, so how do I fix this? And how do I change the DVD region? I am sure I have administration privilege, it's my computer.

DVD region coding is one of the most controversial aspects of commercial DVD production. It's trying to solve a problem, doing it poorly, and as a result consumers are once again stuck in the middle, getting burned.

Yes, I think that things are much worse than you imagine.

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Are Limited User Accounts effective?

How effective is using a limited user account to surf the net? I've read that if you get infected with a virus/trojan etc,the amount of damage caused can be dramatically reduced if you were logged on with a limited account. Also if I set up such an extra account (for surfing), do you have run anti virus updates, and do scans on both the administrator and limited account, or does an ONE anti virus/anti spyware scan cover all the accounts on the computer.

In a word, yes - Limited User Accounts are very effective at reducing the potential impact of a virus or spyware.

Unfortunately my experience has been that they're also effective at reducing your abilities in other areas as well.

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Can NtUninstall folders be deleted?

I have 75 files in my Windows Directory that look like $NtUninstallKB885836$. What are these files? Can they be safely deleted?

Well, first, those are folders - not files. Folders, also known as directories, contain files or other folders.

The clue is that KB part - that stands for KnowledgeBase, and the number that follows it is a Microsoft Knowledgebase article. The other clue is the word "Uninstall" in the folder name.

That will help us determine what they are. Whether or not you can delete them ... well, it turns out that's up to you, once you understand what they're for.

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It's That Time of Year Again

The holidays are just around the corner.

Continue reading: "It's That Time of Year Again" Article Includes Audio

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*** Popular Articles from the Archives

This article continues to be one of the top hits at Ask Leo! - for months on end. It tells me that what may seem obvious to some just isn't to so many others.

How do I change my MSN Hotmail password?

I get this question so often about Hotmail that it's clear that the process is not obvious enough or documented well enough by MSN.

Allow me....

Read more... How do I change my MSN Hotmail password?

*** Thoughts and Comments

As long time readers will know, one of my many hats is as IT manager, facilities coordinator, "lifter of heavy things" and occasional salesperson at my wife's doll shop. You'll also recall that we also travel occasionally in our RV with our three Corgis.

Earlier this week we snuck off for a couple of days to Pacific Beach State Park out on the Washington coast. Now, you know it's something special when the rain makes the news around Seattle, and this it did. It's been the wettest month ever recorded here. And of course out on the beach it was no different - just with a lot more wind.

Needless to say, we spent a lot of time inside just watching the beach through the rain.

And I, of course, remained connected. In fact I got a lot of work done! Wearing my "IT manager" hat for the doll shop, I volunteered myself to produce another newsletter and set it all up from the RV, on the beach, in a state park. In the rain.

It's one of the reasons I love what I do ... it's very freeing. I can do what I do pretty much anywhere I can get a connection. (And yes, I did answer some of my backlog of Ask Leo! questions from the beach as well :-).

For those of you in the U.S. celebrating this Thanksgiving weekend, I hope that you, too, have many wonderful things to give thanks for.

Until next week...


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  1. Hi Leo, I love your articles! Interesting and I learn a lot. I have been reading about key stroke logger software. Never knew there was such a thing! I have to say it’s pretty scary stuff! I can’t believe that someone can install the software on your machine and you wouldn’t know! This is such an invasion of privacy! My question is there must be a way to tell if this software is on your computer?..if so how do you tell? Is there free software to prevent it from being put on your computer? and if there isn’t a way to prevent it is there free software to download that would show whatever your writing to be encrypted? Thanks!

  2. Hello sir, iam leyakath from india,
    my prblem is that i am receiving some warning mails some unknown person?, and i want to know from which location it was came?,could plz the details abt this……..

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