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Do “Fix All Your Windows Problems” utilities work?

I have a number of knotty problems with error messages at present and there are several programs on the net which “guarantee” to fix them. When the offered free scan is invited, they always come up with lots of faults which they will only fix if you subscribe. My usual reaction is that it’s all a con to get subscribers but is this true in all cases or are there some programs which really are the cure-alls they claim to be?

I’m sure that there are good programs out there, but like you, I’m very skeptical. I definitely believe that “if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.”

As a result, I’ve never actually purchased such a program – instead, I’ve either tackled my problems head-on, lived with them, or if things are bad enough and unsolvable I’ve reformatted and re-installed.

But there are some ways to at least stack the deck in your favor if you do want to try one or more of these types of tools.

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Can I use my old hard drives with a new motherboard?

If I get a new motherboard for my computer, can I use the hard drives that I have with it? From what I’ve read, I expect the current C drive operating system won’t work with a new motherboard, but if I installed the operating system on my current D drive, and used that as the new C drive, would it work, or would I be risking the information on the drive? (I really don’t want to lose all my pictures!) I would then want to put my current C drive in as my new D drive, and delete the old OS off that. Also would the programs get confused as to what drive they are on?

The short answer is yes you can probably do what you’re suggesting. In fact, it’s one way I’d probably approach the problem myself.

But we also need to set some expectations about what it is you’ll have when you’re done.

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How do I remove addresses from an email message for printing or forwarding?

How do I get rid of all the other e mail addresses that a message has been sent to if, for example, I want to print it or if I want to send it on to more friends without a page of addresses?

I see this all the time – particularly as I collect humor for the site ForwardedFunnies.com. Email that’s been forwarded (and forwarded and forwarded) with long strings of email addresses added to the top each time. Several page-down’s later I get to finally read the message.

Dealing with that for forwarding is easy. Printing – not so much. But we have ways.

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My computer blue screens when I download pictures from my camera- what do I do?

I bought a digital camera. I installed the driver and all was well, but when I went to transfer the pictures I’d taken, I got the blue screen of death. I’ve tried everything. Did I do something wrong? Is the driver corrupt? Or is the camera just a piece of junk?

It’s unlikely that you did anything wrong, and it’s also unlikely that your camera is a piece of junk. Both are possible, of course, but unlikely.

You can see where my suspicions are heading: the software.

Let’s look at what you might try. I’ll also cover what I think is an important criteria when selecting a digital camera: no required software to install.

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How do I get the File Save or File Open dialogs to show details by default?

I have a PC running Windows XP Home and have Microsoft Office Professional. Whenever I Open or Save a file in an Office program such as Excel or Word, the Open or Save As window lists folders first, sorted by Modified Date, then all files sorted by Modified Date.

In Windows Explorer I know how to apply the current view (e.g., Details or Tiles) to all folders. Is there a similar feature for the Office Open and Save As windows?

As you note, in Windows Explorer it’s not that difficult to do, and in fact I’ve discussed it in an earlier article: How do I get Windows Explorer to display details by default?. While it’s not obvious, it’s not really difficult.

File listing dialog boxes, on the other hand, are another story.

And Office? Another story still, but perhaps the easiest of all.

Continue reading: “How do I get the File Save or File Open dialogs to show details by default?”

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