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How do I get pictures from my camera if its software doesn’t work on my computer?

I just bought An Acer NetBook plus a Canon SX 20IS to use on vacation this summer. The software with the SX 20IS cannot be used on the NetBook due to the NetBook resolution of 1024 x 600. Canon needs 1024×768 resolutions. This concerns all NetBooks manufacturers. That means millions of NetBooks lack resolution for new digital cameras. The NetBook manufactures point the finger and the camera manufactures and visa versa. Is there a fix somewhere?



I can’t fix the software or the netbook, but for most cameras I can fix the scenario.

It feels like some deep dark secret, but for most camera there’s a very simple solution. It’s so simple that it’s exactly what I’ve done over the course of several cameras myself.

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How do I get Hotmail or Messenger without Windows Live?

Is it still possible to have MSN messenger and Hotmail separate from Windows Live like it all used to be? (Windows Live interferes with everything.)


Yes and no.

And normally I’d say “But mostly …” and then tell you yes or no. Unfortunately I can’t even say which applies more since you didn’t indicate exactly how Windows Live interferes.

Microsoft rebranded several of their offerings under the “Windows Live” brand, and also ended up packaging several of the downloadable components into a single installer.

I’ll look at what level of granularity you can get.

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How do I get the correct program to open my PDF files?

I downloaded a pdf e-book and selected windows media player by accident. All my downloads go there and windows media player can’t open it there. What do I do to correct this problem?


This is actually pretty common. Not just for PDFs, but for any file type where either you’ve selected the wrong program by mistake, some other program has been installed that “takes over” a particular file type you don’t want it to, or just the generic “This file does not have a program associated with it” error when there’s no program to open it at all.

Selecting the correct program to open your .PDFs, .MP3s or .whatever files is actually pretty simple, just not obvious.

I’ll show you how.

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How do I control the names displayed in my inbox?

How can I change the display name of an email in Outlook 2003 inbox? So, for example, if “joe@aol.com” sends me an email, my inbox may display, in the “from” column, “Joe Smith”. But, with the same email address, it might display just “Joe”. Same issue with non-AOL emails. One of my main clients has both an AOL and non-AOL address he uses, and his two email addresses show up as five different people in my inbox, in various forms (“joe”, “joe smith”, “joe.smith@work.com”, etc.).

I’d like to change the display names of the two email addresses so they are the same (e.g., “Joe Smith”), and thus would sort and group together when I choose to sort by “from”.


The short answer is that as the recipient of an email you can’t.

The longer answer is that the name (formally, the “display name”) that gets displayed along with or instead of an email address is controlled by the sender’s email program. You can control how your name appears on outgoing email, and even how other people’s names appear on outgoing email, but on email you receive, editing the name isn’t really an option.

I’ll show you one example of exactly where the sender configures that, and then also explain why even if your sender uses the exact same name everywhere, your email program may still not sort as you describe.

Continue reading: How do I control the names displayed in my inbox?

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How do I fix Windows after removing a virus?

I’m facing a problem regarding my desktop. Recently it was infected with a virus but I managed to clean and disinfect all the malware which attacked my PC. After a restart, I wasn’t able to see all my network adapters in network connection folder. When I refresh it always gives me a message that “The Network Connection Folder was unable to retrieve the list of network adapters on your machine. Please make sure that the Network Connection service is enabled and running”. I checked my services and found out that network connection services and other services were missing. How do I fix this?


What you’re experiencing is fairly common. Not the “network connections” part – I’ve actually never heard of that specific symptom before – but the part where, after eradicating a virus or other form of malware, Windows is left in a somewhat broken state.

They symptoms vary, but the bottom line is the same. To put it in terms of some American slang: Windows “just ain’t right”.

I’ll look at why that might be, and what you can do about it.

I’ll warn you: you probably won’t like my recommendation.

Continue reading: How do I fix Windows after removing a virus?

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*** Comments

Why is the time on my email wrong?

Tim writes:

I am getting e-mails from the future! My computer knows what time it is – its clock is correct – but for example I have received a message time stamped today at 2:25 p.m., and it is not yet 10 a.m. Is the time stamp generated by the sender, i.e. is it their clock that is off?? Or is it added by Hotmail itself?

It’s typically the sender’s computer. Spammers often do this on purpose to make their emails more likely to be looked at.



How do I stay safe in an internet cafe?

Jerry writes:

Are all the risks you describe equally applicable to the iPod Touch?

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