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*** New Articles

How do I delete my Facebook Account?

What is the safest way to deactivate and completely eliminate my Facebook account?


A lot of people are concerned about Facebook’s privacy policy changes and are seriously considering deleting their Facebook account.

I’ll walk you through some simple steps to do it and point out a couple of issues that make it very easy for the deletion not to happen.

Continue reading: How do I delete my Facebook Account?

* * *

How do I restore from a backup?

Once you’ve backed up your system, how do you restore it? Just attach the medium you’ve backed up with (external hard drive, DVD/CDs, etc.) and hope that it launches? I recently tried my first and unsuccessful backup (I didn’t have enough DVDs). But the files that were backed up seemed encrypted.


This is actually a very common question – and a very important one.

Depending on how you’re backing up, and what you’re backing up, there may be some key steps you’ll want to take prior to needing those backups so as to be able to use them when the time comes.

While the specifics very dramatically from situation to situation, the concepts do not. I’ll cover those concepts and point you to the things you need to know before disaster strikes.

Continue reading: How do I restore from a backup?

* * *

How do I fix my USB port crashing my machine?

My desktop computer always restarts when I connect any USB media – Pendrive, External ROM and External Hard drive. Can you tell me the cause of my PC restarting?



I’m not trying to be annoying about it; it’s just that from the description you’ve given it could be one of any of hundreds of different reasons.

The best I can offer is to walk through some of the most common causes to help you further diagnose – and perhaps repair – the problem.

Continue reading: How do I fix my USB port crashing my machine?

* * *

Should I partition my hard disk?

What are the benefits of a partitioned hard drive, or some practical uses of a partition?


Disk partitioning is one of those things where you find many conflicting opinions. Some will swear that proper partitioning aids performance, makes backing up easier and is just generally “better”.

Others just opt to let Windows sort it all out, believing that improper partitioning might well prevent the file system – already optimized for both safety and performance – from operating in an optimal way.

The truth is somewhere in between; I’m certain.

While I tend to fall into the latter camp, I’ll look at some of the pros and cons of partitioning your hard drive, and make a recommendation if, after all is said and done, you’re still not sure.

Continue reading: Should I partition my hard disk?

* * *

How do I move my Outlook Express email from Windows XP to Windows 7?

I get variations of this question a lot since Microsoft made the decision to remove Outlook Express – or any email program for that matter – from Windows 7.

Unfortunately, Outlook Express is not available for Windows 7.

That means it’s time to migrate to a different email program.

In this (lengthy) article, I’ll show you how to move from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail (the easiest moving option), step by annoying step. With lots of pictures.

Continue reading: How do I move my Outlook Express email from Windows XP to Windows 7?

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*** Comments

Can my employer track what I’m doing on the internet?

David Ziegler writes:

Thanks, Leo.

I’m glad you made the main point. It deserves repeating:

Your employer owns the computer, with all its capabilities, you use at work. Therefore, your employer has every right to monitor it for any reason or no reason at all.

It may be a PC, but it’s not your personal computer.


Someone’s stolen my email account and is scamming my contacts for money, what do I do?

Gabe writes:

I feel if your account has been compromised and you decide to change the password, you must also look deeper into your profile settings and see if any FORWARDING is being done.

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