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*** New Articles of Note on Ask Leo!

Tech Site: annoyances.org


From that folks that brought you the books "Windows XP Annoyances" and "Windows Me Annoyances", among others, is this site full of useful and interesting information about the things that annoy in Windows.

From their site:

Annoyances.org is the most complete collection of information assembled for and by actual users of Microsoft Windows. Explore this free web resource by selecting one of the destinations on your left, or use search to find a specific solution.

In addition to the content on the site, there are accompanying discussion forums providing yet another opportunity to ask your questions or find the answer already posted.

Continue reading: "Tech Site: annoyances.org"

* * *

How can I keep the images I post on the web from being copied?

I just found one of my pictures on someone else's web site. In fact, they're using it to make money by showing it and displaying advertising around it, and that annoys me to no end. What can I do?

Welcome to the internet, where technology makes copying and stealing just about anything you see downright trivial.

I'll be honest ... the photo that was stolen was mine.

Continue reading: "How can I keep the images I post on the web from being copied?"

* * *

If I Had to Do It All Over Again...

I reflect on the one thing I would have done differently, and why I think it matters.

Continue reading: "If I Had to Do It All Over Again..." Article Includes Audio

* * *

Why is only the left hand part of my page printed?

My question concerns a problem I have had since day one,Printing! When I print a page words on the right hand side are cut off all the way down the page. My Printer is a HP Business Inkjet2250 an nobody seems to understand why it does this.

Very frustrating, I know. It's quite common.

The good news is that it's not necessarily your printer. It's more likely to be the program that you're printing from.

And I'll bet that program is Internet Explorer.

Continue reading: "Why is only the left hand part of my page printed?"

* * *

How do I Find Someone's Email Address?

How do I find out my friend's email address?

I'd like to get in touch with my old college roommate - how do I find out her email address?

I'm trying to get in touch with a business contact, but I've lost his email address. How can I find it again?

As you can tell, I get variations of this question a lot. In short, you know someone, you want to send them email, but you don't have their email address.

What do you do?

Well, I'll be blunt. Nine times out of ten, you are simply out of luck.

But sometimes you can get lucky.

Continue reading: "How do I Find Someone's Email Address?"

* * *

What's a "torrent"?

What is a torrent file and can it be broken down to smaller files and recorded to CDs/DVDs?

Torrents, typically ending in ".torrent", are control files for the peer-to-peer file sharing technology called BitTorrent.

It's actually pretty cool technology that really just boils down to another way to download files. So really, you just use .torrent files to download other files.

Continue reading: "What's a "torrent"?"

* * *

How do I delete history items from my Google tool bar?

I want to delete the items that show up automatically when I search for something using Google's toolbar. I'll admit it, there are some terms there that I'd not want others to see. How do I clear that?

That's actually a composite question from several related questions that I get several times each day. People search for things on Google, and then they don't want the evidence of what they searched for to remain.

Fair enough.

But there's an amazing amount of confusion. Some say "Google toolbar" and mean "Google toolbar". Others say "Google toolbar" and mean ... well, apparently they mean something else.

And naturally the difference is important in answering the question.

Continue reading: "How do I delete history items from my Google tool bar?"

* * *

Why doesn't my email format properly in Outlook?

One of the staff here is having an Outlook 2003 problem. It seems that when she sends email, it changes the font to show a strikethrough. Twice I have tried to correct this and here is what happened.

1. When she composed it showed strikethroughs on her side and that was it.

2. Now when she composes, there are no strikethroughs, but when people reply their text has strikethroughs in it.

3. I am out of ideas and thinking of reinstalling Office 2003.

I have gone into her settings and did all the common stuff, but still cant get it to behave.

I feel your pain. It's a problem I commonly experience when replying to other people's mail. All of a sudden what I type doesn't appear in the style I want it to, and for the life of me, I can't whack it into shape. At least not without a lot of work.

I think I understand why it happens, and I definitely have some suggestions.

Two suggestions, actually.

Continue reading: "Why doesn't my email format properly in Outlook?"

*** Popular Articles from the Archives

Last week I ran my "Outlook" versus "Outlook Express" article from the archives, this week: Messenger, Messenger and Messenger:

What's the difference between MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, and Windows Messenger?

They're all "Messenger", right? Not at all. It's a confusing mess, thanks to the way Microsoft choose to name several of its applications.

We'll take this one application at a time.

Continue reading...

*** Thoughts and Comments

OK, I'll admit my recent podcasts - last week's on ethics, and this week's on English language skills - have been getting a little whiney. It's just stuff that I had to get off my chest, you know? If it helps, one of the other articles this week includes pictures of cute puppies to lighten the mood :-).

On the other side of the coin after I weed out the dishonest, the repetitive and the illiterate, the questions that remain reflect a wide range of users and experiences. New folks who are getting connected for the first time (welcome!), experienced folks who are banging their heads against quirks and oddities in Windows or their applications (I feel your pain, honest!), to folks who's hardware has just started to act up or fail completely (been there, ouch). And the sheer volume of folks needing help continues to amaze, and even occasionally frighten me :-).

I can't possibly answer everyone.

But that's one of the reasons I frequently point to various resources elsewhere on the internet. Technically, I suppose, one could consider them competition - but if I can't answer all the questions I get, the least I can do is point to other resources that might be able to help. Most of the "Tech Site" listings in the Web Sites (http://ask-leo.com/web_sites.html) category on Ask Leo! are exactly that: more places to go for help. Some are kinda geeky, others less so. Some are topic specific, others general purpose. But all are either sites I've vetted, or friends I trust. And as I find more, I'll keep adding to the list.

If I can't help you, perhaps they can.


The World Is Flat

This newsletter is being delivered to readers in 136 countries. Wow.

I'm closing in on finishing "The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century", and am finding a fascinating read. It speaks to a lot of what I already believe in terms of how technology, in many cases the very technology I talk about here regularly, has really "flattened" the world. The fact that this newsletter is being delivered to so many different places around the planet is just one manifestation of the amazing changes that the world is quietly, and sometimes not so quietly, undergoing. I'll post a more complete review on my personal blog when I finish, but for those of you who might be interested in the topic, here's a head start.

* * *

The latest essay out at Taming Email: How Many More Email Addresses Do You Need?

The latest entry out at Forwarded Funnies: "Fishing"

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Leo Notenboom

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