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*** This Week's New Articles on Ask Leo!

Can my ISP turn off my modem if I use bittorrent?

Is it possible for an ISP to physically shut down your dsl modem remotely to stop you from using bittorrent?

Specifically, I use bittorrent to download files and sometimes (not all the time) a few seconds after I start a download and it ramps up to top speed, my modem's status light stops blinking, my dsl link light goes out and I have to turn my modem off then back on in order to reconnect to the internet. I never have troubles with my internet connection while gaming (I play World of Warcraft) or surfing websites. Ever. This happens only when I download using bittorrent, though I haven't tried using other download programs or protocols.

It depends on the modem, but I can certainly see it as being possible.

But I don't see it as being likely. ISPs have other ways of dealing with bittorrent, if they're going to care about it.

I think something else is more likely.

Continue reading: "Can my ISP turn off my modem if I use bittorrent?"

* * *

Where is Windows Defender's Vault?

Windows Defender found a threat (a Trojan Horse) and I sent it to the vault. This vault will have to be emptied eventually but there is nothing in the Defender to find the vault! Any idea where the vault in the defender might be?

Yes and no.

Nope, I don't know where on disk the files are stored. But ultimately that doesn't matter, since you can use Windows Defender itself to manage the contents of the vault.

Continue reading: "Where is Windows Defender's Vault?"

* * *

Why do picture colors vary from computer to computer, or when I print them?

I enter textile art into exhibitions. The first phase is with jpegs. I have a PC and most of the galleries use Macs. When I tried on my PC to make the jpeg image exactly match the colors in the original I was really surprised how different this looked on a Mac it was way too saturated and really I would have been better to leave the image alone. How do I set up my monitor to look the same as a Mac without buying a Mac? Can i set my desired gamma to 1.8 as Macs are, will this help or just ruin my own monitors rendition. Is this gamma setting the difference or are there other reasons.

First, let me say that I don't believe that this is a Mac versus PC thing at all.

I have two identical LCD monitors on my system, and even when I drag a picture from one to the other, or better yet split it across both, I can see color differences between the two.

The bottom line: color matching is really, really hard.

Continue reading: "Why do picture colors vary from computer to computer, or when I print them?"

* * *

Is an outbound firewall needed?

Isn't an outbound firewall really important in many situations? I deliberately installed a free version of a key logger on my system and ran thorough scans through my anti virus and anti spyware programs. But the running key logger wasn't detected even though the key logger icon was right there in the system tray.

You have said that when an outbound firewall stops something it is already too late. But don't you think outbound firewall might stop a key logger from at least sending logs to an email or remote computer? Or would it not?

A firewall with outbound detection can have a place, I suppose, but you've captured my thoughts already: if it finds something to detect, then it's too late.

Let's review what it means to be an outbound firewall, why I don't value them all that much, and perhaps why your key logger wasn't detected.

Continue reading: "Is an outbound firewall needed?"

* * *

How can an infection like Antivirus XP 2008 happen?

Last night I was researching some information about Vista. I went to a legitimate help site I've used before. As soon as I clicked on the site my machine became infected with "Antivirus XP 2008". I have a current CA Antivirus 2008, Windows Defender, and my firewall is active. I immediately ran full system scans with CA and Defender in Safe Mode with Networking. Nothing was detected. I found removal instructions at bleepingcomputer.com using a free product called Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and it worked like a charm. Then I had to fix a missing Desktop Tab in my display dialog box as well as edit the registry to make the display wallpaper functional again. All of this leads up to my questions....

I've been hearing a lot about "Antivirus XP 2008" recently, and it seems to be active out in the wild.

The questioner goes on to ask 4 very good questions about this particular attack, and web-site based attacks in general, and I want to address each one individually.

Continue reading: "How can an infection like Antivirus XP 2008 happen?"

* * *

How do I get rid of this loading error on startup?

Every time I turn my computer on it tells me I have an "error loading localtemp\goMdDuuV.dll" How can I get this off my computer?

I get variations on this question a lot. The specifics of the error message changes - usually referencing a different file, but the error is always the same: something about an inability to load or launch a program after logging in.

The most common cause is malware of some sort, or incompletely cleaned malware. Incompletely or incorrectly uninstalled software in general can also this error.

There are several steps you should probably take.

Continue reading: "How do I get rid of this loading error on startup?"

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*** Featured Comments

A sampling of some of the comments that have been posted recently on Ask Leo!

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Can I read web mail using a pop3 mail reader?

Paul Bruce writes:

Hi Leo, gmail seems to work okay with Outlook, are there any pop3 and smtp settings for hotmail? There are numerous articles but no definitive answers.

I have several articles on this site that answer that. The short version is this:

NO - Hotmail does not provide POP3 and SMTP servers to access your mail. Period.
YES - You can use some specific email programs like Windows Live Mail or an add-on to Microsoft Outlook to access your Hotmail.
NO - Outlook Express Hotmail access is being phased out and is no longer supported.
YES - There are third-party add-ons for Thunderbird that, while not officially supported by Hotmail or Microsoft, do allow you to download your Hotmail into Thunderbird.

Hope that helps clarify things. :-)


What's an incremental backup?

Chris Faulkner writes:

A bit complicated for me Leo. I do a monthly backup in XP by just burning the Documents and Settings folder to a DVD, it follows that I get all my documents, music, pictures,outlook express [.dbx files] folders on disc. I reckon that most people would be able to fit everything on one DVD. It's re-assuring to know that you have all your important files kept safely.

While I'm happy that you're doing something (which is, sadly, more than most people), I do want to take exception with one statement you make:

"It's re-assuring to know that you have all your important files kept safely."
Except that you don't.

"Documents and Settings" is important, don't get me wrong, but it is not everything. For example if you were to lose your hard disk you would have to reinstall Windows from scratch, reinstall all your applications from scratch, re-customize those applications from scratch (those "settings" are typically NOT in "Documents and Settings"), and it's likely that there are programs you run that keep documents in places other than "Documents and Settings".

I, personally, feel that backing up only "Documents and Settings" is not nearly enough. Better than nothing, but still ... not enough.



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After much experimentation with various products in this class, I've settled on FastStone Image Viewer.

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I recommend it.

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Things haven't changed all that much since I wrote this three years ago. Particularly the part about complacency ...

Anti-Virus Software

Computer viruses are a fact of modern, internet-connected life. At best, they're annoying performance sucking beasts, but at worst ... kiss all your data good bye.

We all need to take steps to make sure that our computers are safe, or we risk infection. Complacency is not an option.

And yet, even after all the news, and all the warnings, and after all this time ...

complacency remains all too common.

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Anti-Virus Software

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As you may or may not know, I love my Kindle, the Amazon electronic book reader.

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As I mentioned last week we moved my wife's business out of her retail store into our home while we're "between locations". (My personal blog has a few pictures.)

Among the list of administrivia to deal with when moving out is, of course, terminating utilities like phone and internet. Normally that's not a big deal, but in this case I kinda sorta almost felt bad disconnecting the internet. The reason is that it put an end to a very long relationship with a local ISP that I've been very happy with.

Avvanta communications, formerly known as "Blarg!", has been the shops internet service provider since the day we started selling dolls on the internet. We also used Avvanta at home for a period, after our previous big name ISP's lack of tech support became more than I could handle. (We dropped Avvanta at home a while back as well, when we installed a T-1.) During business hours Avvanta's phones are answered by real people who've always been helpful and knowledgeable.

So here's a plug: if you're looking for an ISP in Western Washington, check out Avvanta.

They were good to me.


As always, thanks for subscribing, for reading, and for your feedback. If you appreciate this newsletter or the site, one of the best ways you can say "Thank You!" is to link to Ask Leo! or simply to tell a friend or colleague. Just send folks to askleo.net.

'till next time...

Leo A. Notenboom

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