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*** New Articles of Note on Ask Leo!

I deleted a file by mistake - can I get it back?

I got carried away and mistakenly hit "Yes" when I was prompted about deleting a file - except it was the wrong file! Can I get it back? If so, how?

I think anyone who's used computers for any length of time has been where you are now. I know I've been there on more than one occasion.

The answer to your question is really, "maybe". It depends on a lot of things.

Continue reading: "I deleted a file by mistake - can I get it back?"

* * *

Another Day, Another Panic

Thoughts on the latest virus threat, and the fact that some people will still get infected.

Continue reading: "Another Day, Another Panic" Article Includes Audio

* * *

How do I get the entire Programs menu to always display?

In Windows the Programs menu often compresses to the most often used and you have to hit a little arrow to get it to show all choices. How do I turn this off? I want to always see the entire menu.

Well, I think I get what you're asking about. But even if I'm a little off, what I'm about to explain actually covers several things.

In fact, most people don't realize that there's a plethora of customization options related to the Start menu.

Continue reading: "How do I get the entire Programs menu to always display?"

* * *

Why doesn't my keyboard work until Windows is running?

My keyboard doesn't work before my Windows XP boots, after which it works well. Mine is a USB keyboard. I find it difficult while reinstalling the OS. I now have to borrow a PS2 keyboard every time. Is my problem solvable?!

Solvable? Perhaps, but probably not.

But if it makes you feel any better, I have exactly the same problem.

Continue reading: "Why doesn't my keyboard work until Windows is running?"

* * *

Where is my Outlook "PST" file located?

I need to backup or make a copy of my mail folders in Outlook, which as you know are stored in something called a "PST" file. I've looked everywhere, and can't find it. Where does Outlook hide my email? Where does Outlook keep my PST file?

PST stands for "Personal STore" - as in your personal mail storage. PST files are really fairly complex databases that contain your mail, your calendar, your contacts and even more, when you use Microsoft Office's Outlook mail program.

The default location has changed a time or two over the years, but mostly because the default location of many things changed between Windows 9x and Windows NT/XP and later. And of course there's always a chance that your PST is stored in some other, non-default, location.

Rather than telling you where the default location is, let's use Outlook itself to tell you the exact path of your PST file.

Continue reading: "Where is my Outlook "PST" file located?"

*** Popular Articles from the Ask Leo! Archives

Since I featured my article on Anti-Virus software last week, we'll continue the theme with my Anti-Spyware article:

Spyware: How do I remove and avoid spyware?

It's a modern scourge. It's certainly on the top 5 list of topics I deal with here on a regular basis. Some actually live up to the name - "spy" ware that actually monitors what you do. Others are worse ... acting almost like viruses, hijacking your web browser, popping up ads, or just generally wreaking havoc.

Unfortunately the reality is that it requires vigilance on everyone's part to control it.

Besides taking normal precautions, you must scan for spyware.

Continue reading...

*** Interesting Sites and Useful Resources


There are reference sites, and then there's REFDESK.

Refdesk.com is a portal site, meaning it lists other sites that contain reference information. The big differences are that the information is well organized, and actually reviewed (by a real person!) prior to being added. To quote: "On the Internet since 1995, refdesk indexes and reviews quality, credible, and timely reference resources that are free and family-friendly."

If you remember the reference desk at your local library, you'll recall all the varied, sometimes obscure, but always interesting reference books and materials available there. Refdesk.com is the internet version of exactly that. I easily could spend hours browsing through the various sites and references.

If you're looking for facts, information, answers, or just think "there's gotta be an on-line reference for that", then refdesk.com is the place to go.

* * *

The latest essay out at Taming Email: "On Domains, Accounts and Addresses"

The latest entry out at Forwarded Funnies: "Weight Loss Program"

*** Leo's Thoughts and Comments

In one of my recent podcasts, I mentioned Hamachi, a lightweight VPN (virtual private network) utility that I've come to really appreciate. Well, this weekend it'll get its first "field test" as my wife, the dogs, and I pack it all up and head out for a couple of days in our RV. Connectivity is an important part of Ask Leo!, of course, but Hamachi has really streamlined some aspects of how I deal with various aspects of my wife's doll shop as well. The RV park has free wifi (as many do these days), so with luck, it should "just work".

I'll report back on that next week.

In the mean time I want to thank everyone who's written in with nice things to say about my newsletter and site. Even though Ask Leo! has been around for well over two years now, this whole "newsletter thing" is new for me. Hard to believe it's something I swore I'd never do (because of deliverability problems, mostly). In hindsight ... well, I wish I'd seen the light a long time ago. (Major kudos to Aweber, my mailing list service provider, for making list management a snap.)

New people are signing up every day, so to you I say "Welcome!" Remember that you can catch up on issues you've missed on the Ask Leo! at "http://ask-leo.com/newsletter.html".

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I'll be honest: I'll try to respond, but I get a lot of questions every day - I'm currently quite backlogged. I simply cannot answer absolutely every one. Rest assured, though, that even if you don't hear from me directly, I read every email I get.

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Till next week!

Leo Notenboom

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