Ask Leo! #742 – The Journey to My New Computer: Choices

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My new machine series continues, this time with the big reveal: just what did I get?

I've been on a bit of a rant of late regarding two factor authentication. (Particularly in last weeks Tech Enthusiast Hour podcast.) Ignore the news about hacks and use it anyway!

Speaking of hacks, how can you tell if your computer is falling victim? Spoiler: prevention is easier.

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The Journey to My New Computer: Choices

So far, I've discussed the equipment I have and what I do with it.

That sets us up for today's article: distilling that information into requirements, and making decisions of exactly what I should buy. And then, of course, placing the order for my new machine.

As before, my specific situation — what I consider important and what I decide on — will only apply to me, but hopefully, seeing the process I use will be helpful when it's time to replace your own computer.

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Two-factor Might Be Hackable? USE IT ANYWAY!

It hasn't been that long since I wrote about SMS two-factor being hackable, and why you should use it anyway.

It's an important enough topic that when I saw another article discussing a potential two-factor exploit — ‘You can't relax': Here's why 2-factor authentication may be hackable — I just have to jump in to reinforce my message.

Use two-factor authentication anyway.

I'll explain why it's important, even if two-factor is technically hackable.

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How Can I Tell If My Computer Is Being Hacked?

How can I tell if my computer is being hacked?

You can't.

There are some clues to look for, and I'll review a few of those, but ultimately, there's no way for the average computer user to know with any certainty that a hacker is not in the process of weaseling in or that they haven't done so already.

Perhaps now you'll understand why I talk so much about prevention.

And I'll talk about it some more.

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