Ask Leo! #741 – What Should I Do About the Latest Breach?

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Most common question over the last week or two: "I heard there's a huge breach, what do I do??!!?? Well, let me tell you.

The path to my new computer continues with an examination of how I spend my time.

And, yeah, I missed a PUP, and got an installation I didn't want. Uninstalling it, however didn't remove everything. So I did.

Speaking of my new computer, I've been creating videos of the initial setup and a few other things. Patrons at the Silver level can access the videos as they come out on the Video Library page, down under the "My New Machine (2019)" heading.

Hope you enjoy your week! (Smile)


What Should I Do About the Latest Breach?

As I write this, there's been a breach (referred to as the “Collection #1 breach“) that apparently contains something like three-quarters of a billion email addresses and plain-text passwords.  It's newsworthy because it's huge and contains passwords for anyone to see.

It's also quite frustrating, for reasons I'll outline in a moment.

Naturally, the question I'm getting most is simply this: what should you and I do?

The same thing we do every breach, my friend; the same thing we do every breach.

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The Journey to My New Computer: Just What Do I Do All Day?

It's one of the most important questions to ask yourself when considering a new computer: what are you going to use it for?

In the previous article, “The Journey to My New Computer: Taking Stock”, I reviewed the computers I use each day and talked about why I'm about to replace three of them. Today, we'll cover a more important topic: just how I use, and what I do on, those computers.

As I said before, while the specifics will likely not apply to you, the process of evaluating how I use my technology is something you might want to go through yourself someday.

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How Do I Get Rid Of "overseer.exe"?

Overseer.exe is apparently installed sometimes by Avast Free Anti-virus (and possibly other packages). The problem, as I discovered myself, is that uninstalling Avast did not remove overseer.exe.

That takes some extra steps.

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