Ask Leo! #503 – Facebook’s Test, More on Remembered Passwords, Reporting Spam, Services and more …


Does reporting spam help?

Does it really do any good to forward spam emails to SpamCop, Knujon or the FTC? Or am I wasting my time? Can they really do anything to stop spammers?

Yes and no, but mostly no.

I really wish I could give you a definitive yes or no, but sadly the situation just isn't that simple.

Let's look at where spam originates, and what these services might, or might not be able to do about it.

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How do I disable remembered passwords in my browser?

Please describe how you disable the "remember password" feature in browsers. And how to clear previously remembered passwords, as well.

That was a comment posted on my article How safe is it to let my browser save my passwords? where I essentially discouraged the use of browser built-in password saving features, in favor of utilities like Lastpass.

Fair enough. Let me show you how in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

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What's an "Automatic (Delayed start)" Service?

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad with Win7. In looking at Services (through Computer Management) there are services that are ‘Automatic' start, and others that are ‘Automatic (Delayed Start)'. What is the difference? Can I speed up Start Up, or regular operation, by changing seldom used services from Automatic to Automatic (Delayed start)?


Or, rather, I wouldn't; not without knowing one whole heck of a lot more about the specific services we're talking about and how they're used by Windows.

You see, services – autostart or not, delayed or not – kinda sorta are Windows. And by tweaking what does and doesn't start and when, you're pretty much saying you know what's good for Windows better than Windows does itself.

Let's look at just what these things are and why we need them.

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Clicking (or tapping) on the hamburger icon in an application or on a web site typically displays or exposes a menu of items from which to select.

The hamburger is often used when screen size is small or screen real estate is limited as an alternative to displaying a complete menu or menu bar.

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Featured Comments

How safe is it to let my browser save my passwords?

Harry Broom writes:

Useful article. I have a query. I find that some sites just don't get stored by my browser (Chrome). Is this a bug in the browser or do some sites actually block the browser, & for that matter external products like LastPass?

Observation: I have come across sites that do not handle special characters, so you're just left with alphanumerics and usually these sites don't have very long password fields, reducing the strength of the password. A bit more consistency in development practices might not go amiss here.

Leo writes:

I don't think it's because they intentionally block anything, but rather because they code their web page login forms in a non-standard way. (Of course they could be doing that intentionally, but more often it's that they want to do things their own way.)

Does reporting spam help?

David R. writes:

Agreed - the obvious spam ("I'm the vice president of Nigeria and I want your help getting fake Cialis out of the country") aren't worth reporting. The only spam I report to "the authorities" are those that claim to follow the requirements of CAN-SPAM, or have an unsubscribe link but refuse to honor it.

How do I choose a good password?

Sarah Perkins writes:

I'm perplexed about Roboform and Lastpass. They say that they save your password and automatically fill in the information when you visit a site. How would this protect me if someone stole my computer? Also, my browser already auto fills my log-in and password if I want it to. How are Roboform and Lastpass different?

Mark Jacobs writes:

LastPass and RoboForm give you the option to password protect your passwords with a master password. A recent article on Ask Leo! explains the difference and why having your browser remember passwords isn't normally such a good idea.

How safe is it to let my browser save my passwords?

Leo's Blog

About that Facebook test...

This week, tech news and social media were all up in arms about a test that Facebook had performed a few years back.

The test was very simple: for a small subset of users, Facebook tweaked the algorithm that decides what posts to show you. Group A got slightly more negative posts displayed in their feed, and group B got slightly more positive posts. The net effect is that people in group A went on to share slightly more negative posts themselves, whereas the folks in group B posted slightly more positive things.

Now, I'm not going get into the ethics of the test, or the tap dancing around Facebook's terms of service that apparently occurred. This isn't even about whether Facebook's actions were good or evil, right or wrong or something else (though I will touch on one of the outcomes of the test and how it has direct relevance to something I'm doing.)

Nope. This is about a greater reality that I think you need to be aware of.

You're being experimented on all the time.

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