👍 #789 – 2019’s Most Popular Articles

Happy New Year!

2000 seemed only a blink ago, and yet here were are in 2020. Wow.

As I do each year, I look back at which articles were the most popular, the most commented on, and for the first year now which YouTube videos were the most watched. 2019 was a busy year.

Also this week:

Don't keep files in your Downloads folder. Here's why.

Where'd that file go? Let Windows find it for you.

A critical skill to avoid those who would mislead you: "hovering".

May your 2020 be happy, healthy, and peaceful.



2019's Most Popular Articles

As I do each year, it's time to take a look back and see what people were reading, commenting, and — for the first time — watching this year.

I find it an interesting perspective on what people were looking for, what issues they were dealing with, and which answers they found most useful.

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I'd like to know you better...

Please be on the look-out in next week's Confident Computing newsletter for a link to a survey.

It's been too long since I've asked, and I always learn a lot when I do, so I'm collecting a few simple questions that will help me understand your frustrations and opportunities when it comes to tech.

I'd appreciate your participation.

Again, that'll be in next week's newsletter. Watch for it.



This Week's Articles

My Files Disappeared from Downloads. How Do I Get Them Back?

In my download folder I had numerous utilities, photos, PDF Files, etc. that I downloaded with my browser. When I open the download folder, all I see are the most recent files I downloaded. Is there any way I can recover these files (utilities, photos, PDF files), or are they gone forever?

It really depends on how or why the files disappeared. There are many possibilities, and I'll run through a few options to see if we can get lucky.


More importantly, in my opinion you're doing two things wrong, and one of those could impact much more than just downloads.

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How To Find a File on Your Computer

I'm looking for [… some filename …] on my machine. I know it's here, but I can't track it down. What am I missing? How to I find the file?

As you might guess, that's a composite question. It reflects many different people asking roughly the same question in different ways.

How do I find a file I know is on my computer?

There are a couple of ways, and there are a couple of “gotcha's” as well, so let's look at how to track down that file you're looking for.

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How to Hover Over a Link to Check its Validity

Could you please describe or take us through the process of “hovering over” a URL or link in such a way that supposedly ‘reveals' its true source or identity. I have tried it but nothing happens … the URL's clothing invariably remains implacably and firmly in place, covering the naked body lurking beneath.

There are several ways to look at a link (both in email and on webpages) before you click on it to make sure it is what it claims to be.

There are several ways to hide where links go as well. But the good news is, the most common approaches are the simplest to detect.

So let's go about disrobing those cloaked links.

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