👍 #780 – What are the Internet’s Rules about Free Speech?

It's that time of year again. No, not Halloween, or U.S. Thanksgiving, or even Christmas...

It's election season here in the United States. Next week there will be elections, and the beginning of a one-year countdown to what may become one of the United State's most contentious battles yet.

The internet is already full of -- well, let's just call them "opinions". One of the more common threads that comes up, particularly concerning political issues, is the concept of "free speech": what you're allowed to say, and where you're allowed to say it.

"Free speech" online may not be what you think it is. (Same goes for the U.S.'s first amendment, by the way.)

Also this week:

Your backup software updates itself. Do you make a new "rescue disk"? Meh.

Juggling disk partitions isn't something we do frequently, but it can be convenient to organize or re-organize data on a hard drive. Question is, how to do it without losing data.

Used properly (which is not difficult) Password managers are safe, period. They're certainly safer than any current practical alternative.

And on that note, have a safe, and great, week!



What are the Internet's Rules about Free Speech?

Can you advise me on the “rules” of the internet regarding free speech? I've had comments on some sites and posts on a discussion group deleted by the owner. Doesn't that violate my right to free speech?

No, it doesn't. Not even close.

Free speech is an interesting concept in general, especially in turbulent times. Take it to the internet, and things get even more “interesting”.

Yes, there are rules, and even laws, but it's an incredibly complex issue.

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This Week's Articles

Do I Need to Make a New Rescue Disc Every Time My Backup Software Updates?

Hi Leo, I've been using the free Macrium Reflect program to back up my Windows computer. However, I'm finding that when I try to do an image or a clone backup, I'm prompted each time to update the software. This requires making a new rescue disc each and every time, which can be fairly time consuming as I'm using Macrium Reflect to backup up my desktop PC and my laptop, too. I'm concerned that if I don't make a rescue disc each time the software asks me to update (which is every time I open it), my backups won't work and I'll be “you know what” out of luck! Can you advise?

You don't need to make the rescue media every time you back up.

You don't even need to make a new rescue media each time Reflect updates itself. There are times when you might want to, but even then, it's not a disaster if you don't.

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Can I Delete a Partition Without Losing Its Data?

Is it possible to remove a partition and have its data left behind? I do need the data, just not the partition.


But … yes.

There are ways of doing what you ask; just not as simply as your question implies.

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Are Password Managers Safe?

Recently I tried to use RoboForm for an account at a large financial institution, but I couldn't get it to work. In response to my inquiry, this institution said they do not permit log in using credentials that are stored on software because the security of the password could become jeopardized if my computer were hacked, invaded, etc. Is this true? Am I safer not to use tools like RoboForm?

Some believe using password managers presents a single point of failure. Very technically, they are correct: if someone gains access to your password manager, they have access to everything in it.

Not so technically, I strongly believe they are misguided.

Using a good password manager is significantly safer than any other alternative.

Continue Reading: Are Password Managers Safe?

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