#761 – Microsoft, We Deserve Better

I normally don't republish articles until at least a couple of years have passed, or if there's an important major update to its content. This week's featured article is from only six months ago, and I wish I had news of an important update to its topic.

Microsoft, We Deserve Better is part rant, part open plea to Microsoft to make improvements to their update process for Windows 10. It includes specific recommendations of what I believe needs to happen.

The 1903 update of Windows 10 includes the smallest of improvements, but nothing near what I believe Windows 10 users deserve. Ironically, the deployment of that very 1903 update was plagued by several issues that continue to reinforce my position: something must change.

With major feature updates every six months, I'm hoping that I won't have to re-publish this article yet again, six months from now.

Windows 10 users deserve better.

Also this week:

Ads following you? Yeah, it happens. And it's nothing to get worked up about.

When you reply to an email, many email programs try to be helpful, which can be confusing if you're not expecting it.

Have an old computer? Wondering if it's worth giving Windows 10 a try on it? I have some ideas, and alternatives.

Hope you're having a fantastic week!


Featured Item

Microsoft, We Deserve Better

In recent weeks, I've seen calls from several sources suggesting that Microsoft stop, take a breath, and seriously review their update process.

I agree. This madness must end. Or at least slow down.

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This Weeks Other Stories

Why Do Ads Follow Me Around the Internet?

After visiting major online computer and electronic retailers' websites, I find that they have tracked items I looked at, combined with my computer's browser settings or web address and then displayed these items as pop-up ads in my other browser pages. I believe something from the computer store website has inserted spyware into my browser settings and I refuse to trust any spyware. If I increase the security settings, many sites I need to visit no longer function. I have pop-up blocking enabled and expensive anti-virus working, but this is circumvented. I can individually block the sites, but how or what can remove their new spyware from my computer?

Let me put your mind at ease: this isn't spyware, and it's not malicious.

It may be a little creepy, but there's no intent other than marketing.

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Why Are There Vertical Bars on the Left of Some Emails I Send?

We use Outlook for our email. My daughter uses Gmail where she lives.

She says every time she receives an e-mail reply from me there is a vertical line down the left side of it, and if she “removes format” (or something like that), the line goes away, but then she then gets all those “carrot” signs and has to go in and remove those!

Yet, when she sends an e-mail to me, it looks fine. I don't think I ever remember seeing that vertical line or carrots from her e-mails.

I have received e-mail from others that look like that though.

What's the story on this! How and why does this happen to some and not others?

In a word: reply. You said it yourself. Smile

What you're seeing is very common among email programs. It's an indicator that you're replying to a message.

It's useful. Even better, it's configurable.

Continue Reading: Why Are There Vertical Bars on the Left of Some Emails I Send?

Will My Old Computer Run Windows 10?

Hi Leo; I have an old HP computer with Windows Vista. What do I need to do, short of buying a new computer?

As with so many things … it depends.

I'll review what's necessary to run Windows 10, and then we'll examine a couple of alternatives.

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