👍 #804 – Can Malware Survive If I Reset My PC?

#804 - Can Malware Survive If I Reset My PC?


It's a question that I'm often reluctant to answer honestly, because too many people then go on to assume the absolute worst, which is never the right thing do to.

Could malware survive a complete reset of your PC? Technically, yes, there are some that could, but it's not a conclusion you should jump to; there are simply too many other more common explanations for malware that keeps coming back.

Just because something is possible doesn't mean it's likely.

Other articles this week

Learning to code is all the rage these days, which I absolutely love. But just how hard is it?

A BIOS or UEFI password can add important security to your PC, but sometimes it might be too much, especially if you forget it.

Windows is updated frequently. How frequently? Well, that depends on the kind of update you're asking about.

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TEH Podcast

On this week's The TEH Podcast we discussed how local eateries are using technology to pivot in ways that allow for "social distancing". We also note that the number of podcasts and streamed shows is exploding, from relative newbies to late-night TV hosts. And is Zoom really as evil as they say? Our respect for them has increased due to their response to criticism. And of course more, including howling. Yes, howling.


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Can Malware Survive If I Reset My PC?

Can a virus survive Windows 10's “Reset this PC” and “Remove everything”?

Technically, yes — certain types of malware can survive a reset.

Pragmatically, though, these types of malware are very rare, especially if you take a couple of additional steps as you “remove everything”.

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This Week's Articles

How Hard Is It to Learn Programming?

Although I have been in the IT industry for six years, I have never touched programming in my life. The reason is that I always thought I'd end up in the network administration, in fact, the AS degree I was pursuing had an emphasis of network administration. I've started my major preparation and I am currently taking my math requirements, which I enjoy but leads me to my first question.

How much math is used in programming and how? So far, I've managed A's in my mid level classes and have managed a 3.88 GPA so far in 60+ units of college, but it only gets harder from here. I will be taking Calculus, Physics and three entry level computer science classes in the next semesters before I can transfer to a 4 year University.

My other question is, how hard is it to learn programming? Is it something where either you get it or you don't? Can someone with my lack of experience in programming just learn it in school?

Lastly, when you get hired as an entry level programmer/software engineer, what is your job like? Any suggestions are welcomed.

OK, one more 🙂 should I learn a language before transferring and which one?

Lots of questions — good questions I get asked fairly regularly. I'm guessing software engineers at companies like Microsoft and Google get asked something like this often.

They're difficult questions to answer, though, because there are several components to being a successful programmer.

One is “what you know” — that's the stuff you can learn.

The other is “how you think” — that's more difficult.

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How Do I Remove a BIOS or UEFI Password?

How do I remove BIOS password? I can't boot from CDs or USB; how can I fix this without knowing the BIOS password?

You probably can't.

BIOS passwords — which you enter before booting to allow the process to proceed — are tough items to crack. That's (mostly) great news if you're trying to protect your computer.

Unfortunately, it's pretty bad news if you don't know the password.

Let's review the options.

Continue Reading: How Do I Remove a BIOS or UEFI Password?

How Often Is Windows 10 Updated?

There's a temptation to say that Windows 10 is almost continually updated — we certainly hear about it in the press often enough.

In reality the answer to this question is more complicated than “all the time”. It's also changed over the last (nearly) five years of Windows 10 releases.

Believe it or not, there's some method to the apparent madness.

Continue Reading: How Often Is Windows 10 Updated?

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Posted: April 14, 2020 in: 2020
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