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What is "LSA Shell" and why is it an "Export Version"?

Being a proud American why is my copy of XP running LSA Shell (Export Version)? A search of the web pointed me to a lot of articles about the Sasser virus. I use a very good anti-virus and, besides, the Sasser virus is from 2004. What's up with LSA Shell (Export Version)?

I'm not totally sure on the "export version" issue, but I have a guess as to where it comes from. Don't take it personally, but it is, or at least it was, a matter of national security.

Or, at least some people thought so.

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Can't I just copy everything instead of using a backup program?

For security in case of a crash can I just copy my whole hard drive to an external drive as a backup rather than using a backup program? At the present time I am just coping My Documents to a CD, but am concerned that to recover I would have to rebuild all the files and updates if I had a crash.

The short answer is that you can, and it certainly provides a level of protection.


There are definitely things that you're missing; things that a managed backup would catch and backup for you. Things that you'll really care about should the worst happen.

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How do I move from web-based email to email on my desktop?

I want to move from Windows Live Hotmail to something where I have the emails on my desktop. Any suggestion on how I can move my emails into my PC and any suggestion for a email service?

If you've read many of my articles on Ask Leo! you'll know that I applaud your decision.

But I do wish it were easier to move.

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What should I be doing to maintain my computer?

What I REALLY need to know is the basic, day-to-day regular preventive maintenance, etc. that I should be performing on this equipment. Stuff that is probably so basic to PC usage that no one has thought to tell me -- what do I need to know and DO to keep my computer trouble as well as virus free?

The virus-free part is addressed in my article Internet Safety: How do I keep my computer safe on the internet? I consider that one of the most important articles here on Ask Leo!

But you raise a good issue - what other kinds of things should we be doing to keep our systems running smooth?

Continue reading: "What should I be doing to maintain my computer?"

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Why can I not find a file that Windows search tells me is there?

I often use Windows XP search to find a file that is somewhere on my computer. The search query will give the path of the specific file, but then if I go into Windows Explorer and try to find the path myself, I can only find part of the path, and then a dead end. Why is this?

Windows is trying to be helpful, of course! It's "protecting" you from seeing things that it thinks might confuse you or somehow it thinks just "shouldn't be seen".

Of course in helping to avoid confusion it just confuses more. I know I don't want Windows to "help" me like this, so there are a couple of options I turn off every time I configure a new machine.

Continue reading: "Why can I not find a file that Windows search tells me is there?"

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I hate to harp on backups, but

A poll of Ask Leo! readers shows some good, and some scary, results when it comes to backing up.

Continue reading: "I hate to harp on backups, but" Article Includes Audio

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*** Popular Articles from the Archives

In keeping with this week's apparent theme:

What backup program should I use?

Doing backups is kind of like eating healthier; everyone agrees we should and yet very few of us actually do. Much like the heart attack victim who no longer visits McDonald's the most religious users of backup procedures are those who've been bitten hard by a failure in their past.

Asking what backup program to use is very much like asking "what's the best exercise program?" The best program for exercise or backup is whatever one you'll actually do.

Do you know how you'd recover your data should your computer crash?

Read more... What backup program should I use?

*** Thoughts and Comments

It's not that often that the weekly newsletter has a theme to it, but some stars aligned, some questions came in and several dealt with the topic of backing up. As you know that's a topic near and dear to my heart - even more so after having heard many sad stories coming in to Ask Leo!. Hopefully these week's pseudo-theme will save someone, somewhere some grief someday in the future.

Thanks to everyone who expressed anniversary wishes last week. Particularly to those who took the time to buy me coffee (or a beer). That was quite unexpected, and very much appreciated. With all this caffeine on board, I may not sleep for another week. Smile

'till next time...


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