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How do I change the location of Windows temporary files?

In what I do, I have to handle pretty large files all the time. In my setup, I have 3 hard disks:

  • C: which is meant to only run windows and barely has any space on it left after XP was installed.

  • D: which is where I store all my files.

  • E: where I want my temporary files to be.

How would you go about changing the location of the temp folder to E:/ in Windows XP?

Aside from your small C: partition, you're describing a reasonably good set up. By moving your temporary files to E: you should not only get an improvement in available space on C:, but things might also speed up just a tad.

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How do I find out who's using all my memory?

When I am online for any length of time I start losing RAM, any thing I am doing online starts to slow down! I recently installed an extra 512MB of RAM but didn't seem to help much. The only thing that seems to help is to shut down AOL, wait about 5 minutes and restart. Then all is OK.

If you believe you're losing available memory, or RAM, there are some fairly easy ways to see who's eating it up. And yes, programs that use more memory than they should can easily contribute to a machine slowing down more and more the longer you use it.

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How do I make a picture smaller?

How do I make a picture smaller so I can post it on myspace? The pictures I take are huge when I post them.

I'm going to assume you mean smaller visibly. Perhaps the picture, when displayed, is too large to fit on the screen and you want to make a version of the picture that might fit in a smaller area on the screen.

Windows comes with a tool that will allow you to make these kinds of simple changes.

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I use Internet Connection Sharing and someone was able to see my main computer - why?

I use internet connection sharing, and have my network set up as follows:

  • DSL Internet Connection connected to PC "A" through USB modem.

  • PC "A" shares its internet connection

  • PC "B" is connected directly to PC "A" and uses that shared internet connection.

I was using an old ICQ account on PC "B" when someone I didn't know popped in and started telling me about stuff on my PC "A".

Of course I did my best to catch the spot from where he got through but couldn't find a thing. I tried to scan for viruses or trojans and examined my PC for security holes using an internet service but again nothing. How could he do it? And how can I protect myself?

Your PC "A" is acting like a firewall to PC "B", so PC "B" is protected, but from what you describe PC "A" is sitting naked on the internet.

This is not good.

Get behind a firewall. Now.

Continue reading: "I use Internet Connection Sharing and someone was able to see my main computer - why?"

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What are Warez? They appear to be free, but are they safe?

I downloaded Kaspersky Lab 7.0 from [a link to a warez site]. I installed it, it prompted me that I had to uninstall AVG which I was running. I uninstalled AVG, rebooted, then ran the install on Kaspersky. When I rebooted again, strange things started to happen.

I am pulling my hair out here trying to figure out how to get this stupid machine back to square.

I would really like to know how I can uninstall Kaspersky while in safe mode. When I try I get a message that says Windows Installer Service can not be accessed.

This is frightening on so many levels.

The site the software was downloaded from appears to be a pirated software or "warez" site. The problem is that when you download from these free download sites you're asking for trouble. And I'm not even talking about legal trouble.

One clue? As far as I can tell, there is no "Kaspersky Lab 7.0".

Continue reading: "What are Warez? They appear to be free, but are they safe?"

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How can I view online video without the starts and stops?

I would like to view YouTube without the stops and starts. What causes that and can it be corrected?

It's typically a sign of a slow or overloaded internet connection, or just a slow server out at YouTube.

The good news is that there are a couple of ways to approach the problem.

Continue reading: "How can I view online video without the starts and stops?"

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Vulnerabilities When Old Meets New

It's trivial to falsify a signed document when FAXed.

Continue reading: "Vulnerabilities When Old Meets New" Article Includes Audio

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*** Popular Articles from the Archives

Your computer giving you a headache? I mean, beyond the normal frustrations of using a computer? It might be your video card settings:

The images on my screen seem to shimmer or flicker and give me a headache - is there anything I can do?

Computers can cause headaches, but it's usually because they're doing or not doing something we do or don't want. In this case it might well be that just looking at your computer screen long enough could hurt.

As it turns out, the default settings for many video cards are often less than ideal.

Read more... The images on my screen seem to shimmer or flicker and give me a headache - is there anything I can do?

*** Thoughts and Comments

Thanks to everyone who subscribed to my YouTube video channel. http://www.youtube.com/leonot for those who missed it.

The videos I'm slowly uploading are a tad old, and at times a little "rough". In fact this week I ended up re-recording the audio for one of the first because the background hum was so annoying. Anyway, I hope you find 'em useful.

To those of you wondering, yes my Vista upgrade is still planned. But to be honest, I keep hearing enough upgrade horror stories that I want to take it very carefully, so I'm waiting until I have a good block of time to devote to the project. At this point that means probably not for a couple of weeks. Heck, I also plan to order a new laptop so that may arrive with Vista pre-installed before I've had a chance to upgrade my desktop. It'll be a good opportunity to compare and contrast the experience.

Spring has sprung around Ask Leo! world headquarters, the weather is warm and sunny, and you know what that means: fate steps in. Week after next I'll be traveling to Cleveland for a conference. Cleveland, where they're experiencing record low freezing temperatures. It's been a long, cold and wet winter in the Seattle area, and I've been looking forward to some nicer weather. Apparently I'll have to keep looking for a while longer.

'till next time...


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