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I sent an email to an invalid email address, what can I do? Will it be read by someone?

I just sent an email from my MSN Hotmail account to the wrong email address. I am positive that the email I sent it to was wrong as I read it once it left and it asked if I wanted to add it to my contacts after I sent it! The @XXXX.com part of the address was my work. I am 100% certain that there is no one at work with that address. Please tell me where it could possibly have gone and is someone going to be able to read it??? I am really worried as it was quite personal.

You're not going to like this answer.

There's no way to know.

At least, not unless someone did get it, and then indicates to you somehow that they did.

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How do I keep myself safe from others on my LAN?

How do I stop my brother from seeing my surfing habits in my wireless laptop? In our house he has the Desktop and the cable router. I've set the connection up with WPA-PSK and I have a Norton internet security 2007 and my windows firewall is on with the don't allow exceptions checked; is that enough?

I can't help you with your brother, but I want to address this question because is raises a number of issues around the assumptions that we make when using our computers at home. Assumptions that can affect our security and our privacy.

If you have a tech-savvy snoopy brother like the person asking this question, you won't like the answer.

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Is it OK to leave software I don't use on my machine?

I have a number of large programs installed which I seldom use. Other than occupying disc space is it not a good idea to leave little used programs on the drive?

One reason why I am reluctant to remove them is that I have mislaid a few of the installation discs. If I copy the installed program to disc and try to reinstall it the wizard is unable to do so. Presumably some files have been lost during installation. Is there a way to overcome this problem?

If you're not worried about disk space there's nothing wrong with leaving software you don't use on your machine. There is at least one thing you should check, though.

As for ways to reinstall software for which you've lost the installation disks, that's a thorny issue without a clear answer.

Continue reading: "Is it OK to leave software I don't use on my machine?"

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What's this 1394 network adapter on my machine?

I'm running a Gateway GT 4016 computer running XP service pack 2, from the start button I can push "network connections" and I see 2 network connections. I have one labeled Nile which I run my 2 machine home network on, the other is labeled 1394 network adapter. The one labeled Nile, runs at 100 Mbps, the one labeled 1394, runs that 400 Mbps. The Nile connection seems to be run by nVidia nforce drivers, and the 1394 connection seems to be run by Microsoft with VIA OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller drivers. Why do I have a two connectors and the slowest one seems to be the only one that I can run my home network on. Is it possible to use the other, faster network?

I have the same connection, and no, I'm not aware of an easy way to use it for networking. It's possible, but in practice, that's not why it's there at all.

You might know 1394 by another name: Firewire.

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How do I contact MSN Hotmail Customer Service?

I'm having problems with MSN Hotmail, but I can't find their customer service number at all. How do I get in touch with them?

There is no "number". Being a free service, Hotmail's customer service isn't as extensive, or as immediate, as that of a full featured mail or ISP service you might pay for. But there is a way to try to contact them.

Continue reading: "How do I contact MSN Hotmail Customer Service?"

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Change Your Password - No, not that one...

You probably need to change a password, but not the one you think.

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*** Popular Articles from the Archives

Email deliverability remains a constant problem. Here's a very, very common question.

Why is my mail to this person not getting through?

Spam is a real problem. With some people getting literally hundreds of unwanted messages per day a lot of internet service providers, as well as some individuals, are taking drastic steps to reduce the amount of junk mail in their inboxes. One of the largest is AOL.

The problem with many of these anti-spam measures is that they can block legitimate email as well. Assuming that your email to other places is working, it's quite possible that that's what you're seeing.

Read more... Why is my mail to this person not getting through?

*** Thoughts and Comments

At a reader's suggestion, I've improved Ask Leo!'s "printability". By that I mean that now, when you print one of the individual article pages a number of items will be automatically removed. Ads, navigation and the ability to add comments, among other things, don't really make sense when you print to paper, so -- they're gone.

I hope that helps Ask Leo! be a slightly more useful resource for you.

Just a reminder that in a couple of weeks daylight saving time will start in the United States - three weeks earlier than it used to. Check out Do I need to do something about the upcoming change to Daylight Savings Time? for more information. And yes, I'll probably remind you again before March 11th. :-)

OK, another blatant plug (that's three weeks in a row, but I can't help myself. Perhaps it'll have to become a regular feature.)

My friend Tara Calishain, of Web Search Garage fame, yesterday (22-Feb-2007) celebrated the 400th issue of her ResearchBuzz newsletter. Tara's an industry expert in online search and research. ResearchBuzz is a great resource for new sites, tools, techniques and information is finding things on the internet is of any interest to you.

And congratulations Tara!

'till next time...


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