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Can software firewalls and security packages cause problems?

I can't access this website...

I'm not seeing pictures in my email...

Emails are disappearing from my inbox...

This program's not working...

Why am I getting all these warnings...

I can't get a video / audio / instant messaging connection...

Those are all extremely common questions I get every day.

And, while it's definitely not the case that a software firewall or security package is always the cause, it turns out to be fairly common.

Continue reading: "Can software firewalls and security packages cause problems?"

* * *

How do I know if I'm behind a NAT router?

I've seen you talk about NAT routers as firewalls, and so on. How do I know if I have one?

The answer's not as obvious as a lot of people are thinking. Yes, much of the time a NAT router is an additional box ... a device that you plug your computer into that, in turn, plugs into your internet connection. And that box will typically say "router" on it.

But that's not the only way you can end up behind a router.

Continue reading: "How do I know if I'm behind a NAT router?"

* * *

Do ebook copy protection schemes work?

I'm looking at some ebook publishing software that claims to allow me to lock an ebook that a customer purchases to only one computer so that it cannot be shared. Can that work?

Yes, it can. Sort of.

And, for the record, ebook publishers that do this drive me nuts, and typically don't get my business.

Let me explain...

Continue reading: "Do ebook copy protection schemes work?"

* * *

Do I need all these instant messaging programs?

MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, AOL messenger, Windows messenger and so on ... I'm confused. Do I have to have all these installed in my computer to be able to IM everybody? I can't IM somebody with AOL or Yahoo messengers if I have a Windows messenger?

Do you have to have them all? It depends on who you want to talk to.

Can you IM someone who's using AOL Instant Messenger using MSN Messenger? No. Yahoo Messenger? Maybe.

You're probably more confused at this point. Let me try to explain.

Continue reading: "Do I need all these instant messaging programs?"

* * *

Running Without a Net

I discuss those few brave individuals who run Windows without recommended protection.

Continue reading: "Running Without a Net" Article Includes Audio

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*** Popular Articles from the Archives

Was just talking to a friend who didn't know, so I'll throw in this article from the archives:

What is 'podcasting'?

The term 'podcasting' just hit the internet within the last couple of months. It's getting a lot of mention by bloggers and other internet publishers, some going so far as to say it's the "next big thing".

Fine. But what is it?

Read more... What is 'podcasting'?

*** Thoughts and Comments

2007 promises to be a very interesting year for computer users.

Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 are hitting the streets any day now, and are likely to generate an enourmous amount of interest, news, controversy and of course ... questions.

I haven't yet installed either, but it's definitely on the radar and plan. I typically drive the content on Ask Leo! by the volume of questions I get, so as the Vista and Office 2007 questions ramp up, you can expect to see them begin to make their appearance here as well.

But until then ... I'm still doing what I've been doing all along: trying to select the questions that the most people are asking, or that will have the most impact. Oh, and the occasional question that just interests me.

Until next week...


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