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Where is 'C:DOCUME~1'? I can't find it on my hard disk.

One of the error messages I received recently refereed me to a file in the path:


Yet, when I go looking in Windows Explorer, I see nothing like that anywhere. What's up?

In a word: backwards compatibility.

OK, that's two words.

What you're seeing is the result of a legacy that dates back to Window's predecessor, MS-DOS.

That path is there - it's just called something else.

Continue reading: "Where is 'C:DOCUME~1'? I can't find it on my hard disk."

* * *

How do I clear my search history in IE 7?

OK, you've show how to do it for Internet Explorer 6 and for FireFox - how about those of us on IE 7? How do we clear the search history?

The good news is that it's apparently very similar to IE 6.

But naturally the names and locations of some items have changed.

Continue reading: "How do I clear my search history in IE 7?"

* * *

Can I run more than one anti-virus program? Anti-spyware program? Firewall? Should I?

With regards to firewalls, anti-virus programs and anti-spyware programs; can I have more than one of each of these programs installed in my computer? For example, I run ZoneAlarm; does that mean I should I turn off Windows firewall?

I've touched on this before, but only addressed anti-spyware programs. The question is more common, and more general than that so in this article I'll tackle all of the big three: firewall, anti-spyware, and anti-virus.

Naturally the answer on running more than one each of those three categories is different, and varies depending on exactly what you're doing.

Continue reading: "Can I run more than one anti-virus program? Anti-spyware program? Firewall? Should I?"

* * *

How do I clear my search history in FireFox?

I saw your article on clearing the search history in Internet Explorer 6. I use FireFox; how do I do the same thing?

FireFox is actually easier and a little more intuitive. While we're at it, we'll include the Google toolbar extension to FireFox as well.

Continue reading: "How do I clear my search history in FireFox?"

* * *

How do I login automatically with Windows XP Pro?

I run Windows XP Pro, and I frequently use remote desktop. Unfortunately remote desktop requires that my login account have a password; that, in turn, means that I can't set up my machine to automatically login when I boot it. Or can I? Is there a way to automatically login to a passworded account?

Yes there is. I use it myself for all the same reasons you've outlined.

It's not difficult, but I do download a helper utility from Microsoft. And after we do that, we need to talk about the security implications of auto-login in general.

Continue reading: "How do I login automatically with Windows XP Pro?"

* * *

Yes, it's getting worse.

spam, that is.

Continue reading: "Yes, it's getting worse." Article Includes Audio

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*** Popular Articles from the Archives

I'm actually surprised at how common this question continues to be. I originally researched it for a friend, and it turns out that it's a fairly popular answer:

Why don't running programs show in my taskbar?

I used to be able to see items in my task bar for programs that were running and I could click on them to switch between programs. Lately, though, those items aren't there. The only way I can figure to switch between programs is to use the task manager. How do I get my taskbar "running programs" buttons back?

The task bar is a busy place, and there are lots of things on it; the start button and menu, the quick launch bar (if you have that enabled) and on the far right, the notification area. Most all of those are configurable to some degree, but the area where buttons representing your "currently running programs" is not. It's always supposed to be there, there's no way to turn it off.

As a result, no way to turn it on should it disappear.

Read more... Why don't running programs show in my taskbar?

*** Thoughts and Comments

So far you've been able to hear me, on my weekly podcast. This week I've started playing with a little video, so if you actually want to watch my lips move while listening to me, visit "How do I login automatically with Windows XP Pro?". No, I'm not just a talking head for two and a half minutes, the video actually shows on-screen steps as I walk through the answer, but I do introduce and wrap up the video in person. It's kinda fun, and I'll probably do more.

With that in mind, if you have something that's particularly perplexing that you think would be well served with a short video showing exactly "how to", drop me a line at the web page mentioned below. A picture (or screen shot) may be worth a thousand words, but a video walking through a sequence of steps could be much more valuable, if done on the right topics. You get to help me pick those topics :-).

Until next week...


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