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*** Contents

*** This Week's New Articles on Ask Leo!

Why am I getting "Windows cannot find" messages on startup?

When starting my Windows XP machine I started getting the following message:

Windows cannot find "SSVICHOSST.exe" Make sure you typed the name correctly,and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button and then click search.

How do I remove this message when starting up?

The message is both clear, and confusing.

Clear, because Windows is clearly trying to run a program on start up, and "Windows cannot find" means ... well, it means that it can't find the program.

Confusing, because you never told it to run that program, nor do you have any idea how it got there.

I do.

Continue reading: "Why am I getting "Windows cannot find" messages on startup?"

* * *

Why is my internet connection slowing down?

Lately, I have been experiencing extreme slow down browsing the Internet. I have WinXP Home SP2 and IE7 (both up-to-date). It seems that early in the day (AM) I can browse without any problem. The PING (latency) is around +-200MS. However, later in the day, the latency increases between 1500-2500MS. This leads me to believe that there is something not right on the "network". I use cable for my Internet access. Approximately 2-3 weeks ago, the cable company relocated their equipment to a new "head-end". They also upgraded their equipment, servers, etc., to provide (supposedly) better service. Ever since this began until now my browsing experience has been mediocre at best especially later in the day and even worse in the evening hours. I have a basic idea of what latency is. But, I am wondering if the problem is my computer or not. Sometimes the slow down is so bad everything I try to (browse) "times out"; cannot be viewed. I looked at your "database" regarding latency but just didn't help me. Can you give me some help regarding this? I would be able to tell the cable peeps that it's their problem (maybe). Thanks.

I blame the cable company.

But good luck trying to convince them of that.

I also blame your neighbors, but they probably don't know any better.

Continue reading: "Why is my internet connection slowing down?"

* * *

What's the difference between Closing and Killing a program?

What's the difference between Closing and Killing a program?

There is a difference, and it's an important one.

I liken it to the difference between asking someone to leave, and physically kicking them out of the door.

Continue reading: "What's the difference between Closing and Killing a program?"

* * *

What is the .NET Framework, and do I need all these versions?

Do i need Microsoft .net framework 1.1 and 2.0 service pack 1 and 3.0 service pack 1 on my desk top computer? I don't develop new software.

The fact that you don't develop software actually has nothing to do with anything here.

.NET is most likely used by other software you have installed on your machine.

.NET versioning, unfortunately, is apparently a mess.

Continue reading: "What is the .NET Framework, and do I need all these versions?"

* * *

How can I get the old Windows Live Hotmail back?

They changed Windows Live Hotmail and I don't like what they did. How can I revert back to the old version?

Windows Live Hotmail made some changes to their user interface last week, and since many people find my site in reference to Hotmail issues, I've been hearing a lot about it.

More specifically, I've been hearing a lot of complaints.

So, I'm going to go off on a bit of a rant here. And it's not aimed at Hotmail.

Continue reading: "How can I get the old Windows Live Hotmail back?"

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*** Featured Comments

A sampling of some of the comments that have been posted recently on Ask Leo!

* * *

How can I get the old Windows Live Hotmail back?

Karen writes:

I have no problem with change except for the fact that four days ago I went to check my email and it was gone.. I have attempted to log in to it and I continue to get the message that it no longer exists and so I created a new account with live just to have a place to get some kind of response. My problem is that I have nobody to go to try and get my account back. Any suggestions.

This is exactly why I so often and so strongly recommend that people seriously reconsider using free email accounts for anything important. I have no other recourse for you.


MSN Hotmail: how long will Hotmail keep my account open?

Jules writes:

I logged on my Hotmail yesterday and it was a totally new version and it lost a lot of my attached pictures...I'm a dog rescuer and I need the pics of these dogs I'm trying to save.

I have no answer on recovering anything lost in your Hotmail account. It happens with unfortunately regularity for various reasons. It's one of the reasons I so strongly recommend that you never use a free email account as the sole repository for anything important. Back it up, somehow, and/or use a commercial email account with support.

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*** Popular Articles from the Archives

It's very common to be looking around on your hard disk only to discover a folder that you never put there, and don't really understand the purpose of. Here's just one example.

What's "Msocache"?

I have a hidden file called MSO Cache on my E drive. Windows XP is installed on the C drive. Msocache is about 200 megabytes but it looks kind of important. I'm sure I didn't make it nor anybody else. Is it a system file or spyware? What does it do and can I delete it safely?

Msocache is another of those "magical" directories (not a file) that somehow just appears one day. Since we're not looking for this kind of thing constantly it's easy to miss exactly when it showed up.

Here's one clue, though - MSO stands for MicroSoft Office.

Yep. Microsoft Office is trying to be helpful.

Continue reading...
What's "Msocache"?

*** Thoughts and Comments

As I was putting this issue together I noted that an anniversary almost slipped by...

This newsletter is three years old, today.

Whoo hoo!

Since all issues are archived on the site, here it is: Leo's Answers #1 - November 18, 2005.

You can see that even then I was reminding people to ask themselves Are free email services worth it? Smile


I'm proud of my three years of newsletters (and over five years of Ask Leo! on the web), but I'm still a newbie compared to This is True. Randy Cassingham's been publishing True since 1996, making it one of the oldest email newsletters still being published today. The secret to its longevity is very simple: it's just that good. I subscribed to the premium edition of True long ago (back when my email address was @microsoft.com), and in the years that followed Randy's become a good friend and mentor. I encourage you to check out This is True.

'till next time...

Leo A. Notenboom

* * *

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