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If people are getting spam from me, does that mean I have a bot infection?

I have discovered that people are receiving junk email from at least two of my business email addresses. I had it suggested that my system is being hijacked and turn into a bot. Might this be the case and how can I find out and stop it?

Let me be clear up front: the two are not related.

You may or may not be infected by a 'bot, and that has nothing to do with whether or not people are getting spam that appears to come from you.

As usual, the "what to do" is fairly simple.

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What's the difference between disk imaging and copying?

A utility I have offers two methods of saving a disk: imaging or copying. What's the difference?

When talking about backing up your hard drive we often throw around a lot of different terms. "Imaging" is one of them, and it's frequently misused.

Let's look at the differences, and when you might want to use one over the other.

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Why do different registry cleaners give different results?

Let's say you download the so-called top two registry cleaners. You perform a scan with the first, and allow it to clean the errors.

Now you use the "other" cleaner, run a scan and it shows hundreds of errors.

Back to the first, scan again and it still shows zero errors.

I'm beginning to think these cleaners are all made up and only show errors until you purchase the product. Once you do so they then show that they "did their job" and that your computer is in great shape after the scan.

What's your take?

I have mixed feelings about registry cleaners in general, and one reason is that there are indeed less-than-reputable companies who are indeed doing things much like you suspect, and worse.

However there are several very legitimate products, and guess what? You'll get different results between them as well.

The reason may surprise you.

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How do I avoid re-installing all the Windows updates each time I reinstall Windows?

It was recommended I do a win XP SP2 repair install from disc. It's actually the second time in 4 months this has been recommended by my computer manufacturer's support techs. Each time I have lost my security updates, so I go to Windows Update and each time it downloads all however many security updates, there are, rebooting repeatedly and taking forever.

Is there a way to avoid that?

Naturally the image of Windows XP you have on your installation CD is a snapshot of Windows XP frozen in time. Most CDs have SP2 pre-loaded, but I know I have a couple that are the original release. The installation process using those is even worse, since it must first download and install SP2 before I can even get to the more recent updates.

There are several approaches to avoiding this problem if you reinstall repeatedly.

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* * *

Is cellular broadband more secure than WiFi?

I recently upgraded to a Blackberry with "National Broadband Access". I can now connect my Blackberry to my laptop and get internet access almost anywhere. The salesperson said it will be more secure to use, even in places that offer WiFi. Is it more secure?


That's not to say that there aren't risks (and even costs) involved, but by-and-large, data connectivity through the cellular network is, as a practical matter, more secure than open WiFi.

In part, though, that's really a reflection of just how insecure open WiFi really is.

Continue reading: "Is cellular broadband more secure than WiFi?"

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It's all about support

When making a purchase, do you think ahead to the kind of support you'll get after?

Continue reading: "It's all about support" Article Includes Audio

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I've collected here a number of things to help try to resolve the assorted problems you may be experiencing.

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*** Thoughts and Comments

Not too much to say this week ... as you read this I'll be on a plane returning from a week in San Antonio, Texas where I attended a conference. A fairly busy and intense get-together with some entrepreneurial friends.

More next week...


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