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*** This Week's New Articles on Ask Leo!

Why can't the poor just pirate software?

We all admire your moral stance regarding finding subscriber's passwords etc. and for your belief that we should pay for software and not use pirated versions.

But how do you feel about folks who are desperately poor with no chance in their lifetime of ever reaching even American poverty level income?

A reader posed this question some time ago.

As you know I do take a fairly hard line against piracy and theft, but this reader wants to know if poverty might qualify for an "exemption" of sorts.

His note continues...

Continue reading: "Why can't the poor just pirate software?"

* * *

Why do some programs say to "disable anti-virus" before installing, and should I turn it on again after?

I recently purchased a new software package. I was told to disable my anti-virus software before I install the software. Why? What also has me concerned is that it does not say I can turn it back on after installation. What do you feel I should do?

Turn it back on.

There. For those with really short attention spans I wanted to get that incredibly important tidbit out there before you move on.

Now, as to why you had to turn it off in the first place, that requires just a little explanation.

Continue reading: "Why do some programs say to "disable anti-virus" before installing, and should I turn it on again after?"

* * *

How do I delete my GMail account?

How do I delete my GMail account?

Actually, if you look this up on GMail's own on-line help system you'll find pretty clear instructions.

Here's how you do it, though, with pictures.

Continue reading: "How do I delete my GMail account?"

* * *

Why are my Windows Live Hotmail Replies and Messages Blank?

When I reply to a message on Hotmail I'm told by the recipient that the message I sent is blank. I'm certain it wasn't, and yet when I look in my Sent Mail, the message is blank there as well. What gives?

This appears to be a relatively recent phenomenon. Some people are seeing it while others are not. Some people have found workarounds, and yet for others those work arounds don't appear to work.

It's quite frustrating for those who are experiencing the problem.

And the problem, it appears, is with Windows Live Hotmail itself.

Continue reading: "Why are my Windows Live Hotmail Replies and Messages Blank?"

* * *

How do I post a picture on the web?

I'm trying to post a picture for blog profile. It's asking me my photo URL. The photo is in my pictures but I don't know how to retrieve it to put in profile.

This is a common question among folks new to the internet.

When you load a picture from, say, your digital camera to your hard disk, that's still not enough to make it visible on the web. You might be able to mail it as an attachment but using it on a web site requires an additional step.

The picture itself must first be uploaded from your machine to the web.

The question is how, and where?

Continue reading: "How do I post a picture on the web?"

* * *

So why don't I run Linux?

I'd love to run Linux. I'm ready for Linux. But Linux isn't quite ready for me. Or perhaps even you. But it's getting closer.

Continue reading: "So why don't I run Linux?" Article Includes Audio

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*** This Week's Most Popular

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  4. How do I change my MSN Hotmail password?
  5. Why is my Task Manager disabled, and how do I fix it?
  6. Svchost and Svchost.exe - Crashs, CPU maximization, viruses, exploits and more.
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*** Popular Articles from the Archives

A common confusion is how, when, and why photos attached to email do, and do not, show up in the body of the email. Here's one scenario:

How do I get attached pictures to show in the body of email I've received?

At work when pics are attached they show in the body of the email. At home I have to open each one separately. I have looked and looked but can't find where to make them show up automatically without having to open each one. Can you tell me where to find this setting?

This one's tough because there are so many variables that aren't specified. But the bottom line is that it's all about the email program you're using. And I'll bet that they're different programs at work and home.

Continue reading...
How do I get attached pictures to show in the body of email I've received?

*** Thoughts and Comments

Last week's podcast So why don't I run Linux? has generated a fair amount of comment. Not all complimentary, of course, but most of it excellent fodder for thought. If you're considering Linux at all the reader comments might be well worth a review.

In a semi-related vein, I've got a new machine on order that's actually scheduled to arrive today. In a break from personal tradition it's not a Dell. I'll spill more details after I've had a chance to play with it some, but I'll throw out that I plan to do some video editting on it, so it's a quad-core 2.66 Ghz with 4 gig of RAM.

Oh, and I opted for Windows XP.

As for my current desktop machine, that's going to get the newest release of Ubuntu Linux (that's the semi-related part) when that releases later this month. It's time for my periodic experiment to see what does work, what almost works, and what doesn't. Naturally I'll keep you posted.

And if you're wondering where I am on Vista SP1 ... I'm waiting. My laptop runs Vista, and I've decided to take the average user experience and let Windows Update do its thing, whenever that may happen. I'll keep you posted there too.

Same for Windows XP SP3 when that comes along. I have several machines that'll be getting that when available.


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'till next time...


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