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How do I stop constant "runtime error" messages in Internet Explorer?

When browsing I constantly get a runtime error message asking if I want to debug. How can I stop this happening?

We can stop them, and I'll show you how.

But unfortunately they do indicate a problem. The good news, sort of, is that it's most often not your fault and there's little you can do to "fix it". The best we can do is ignore it.

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Do I need all these services my domain registrar is offering me?

I own a few domains, and each year when the come up for renewal my registrar lists a bunch of services I don't understand, but I'm afraid not to renew them since I need my domain to keep working. What do I really need?

I'm going to use this as an excuse to define a few terms.

Many registrars bundle several services together to make it easier for the average user to own and operate a domain. The problem, if you want to call it that, is that some services are required and others are not. And knowing what's what can save you a little money.

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Should I change my router's password, and if so, how often?

We use a D-Link 2.4 GHz router, about 7-8 years old, for our home LAN. I read recently we ought to change passwords occasionally on the router. But I also had the thought that it might be time to upgrade. Any recommendations?

This question gets my standard answer #2: it depends.

It depends on things like having ever changed your password and whether or not you're using wireless access to your network, and if so, what kind of encryption you're running.

And yes, there's a scenario where an upgrade might be called for, but it's not age-related, it's about capability.

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Can email providers limit how much email I send?

When sending emails from my Hotmail account, I have been receiving a message at the top of my message saying I have used the maximum allowable for sending messages in a 24-hour period and then I can't send any more emails for another 24 hours. It's says nothing in their Terms of Use Policy so what gives?

Once again, I get to place the blame on a very common culprit.


It's all about the spammers and how we have to pay for their misbehaviors.

Continue reading: "Can email providers limit how much email I send?"

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How long are those records kept?

Some want internet records kept forever, others not at all. What can you count on?

Continue reading: "How long are those records kept?" Article Includes Audio

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Did I really just win an email lottery or sweepstakes?

Leo, I received an email from a [name removed, just in case] of London England stating I had won US$ in a sweepstake organized by Microsoft and AOL. In the email numerous words were misspelled. I was told to contact [name removed], Claims processing agent, [number removed], Courier Firm: [name removed]. This email mentioned a [name removed], Microsoft Promotion Team,Vice President. The one stipulation is the winner remits part of the winning fund to a charity organization. Is this email for real or just another fraud email?

Man, if every "you've won!" sweepstakes message I've received in the last year were true I'd be a very rich man. Heck, if even one of them were true, I'd be doing pretty good.

Short answer: it's fraud. Run away. Delete it. Ignore it. Don't ever be tempted.

That clear enough?

Continue reading: "Did I really just win an email lottery or sweepstakes?"

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*** Popular Articles from the Archives

Three years ago I began what turned into a seven part series of articles on exactly how I set up my new computer.

How should I set up my computer? (Part I)

In previous articles I discussed the process I used to select a new computer for myself, as well as what to do when your new computer doesn't work.

Well, my replacement computer arrived and it appears to be working nicely. In fact, I'm writing this article using it right now. Kudos to Dell for getting it right - the second time - and for their customer service folks help along the way.

Now the hard work begins.

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How should I set up my computer? (Part I)

*** Thoughts and Comments

On reviewing this week's article "Should I change my router's password, and if so, how often?" my assistant noted my comment: "This question gets my standard answer #2: it depends."

If that's standard answer #2, she asked, is there a standard answer #1?

That's easy. Yes there is.

Standard answer #1 is "No".

Regular readers wouldn't realize it, because that answer doesn't make it into print as often as it's actually used, but it's perhaps my most common answer. Why? Because I still get a constant stream of people asking me to recover passwords, hack accounts or otherwise do things that I'm fairly clear about being unable to do.

Oh well.

This week's completely random and totally unrelated plug: La Paw Spa.

Long time readers will recall that I occasionally mention my dogs (three Pembroke Welsh Corgis) here from time to time. We take our oldest, "Guido", for weekly canine hydrotherapy treatment to help him deal with Degenerative Myelopathy. Swimming's pretty cool; it's been great for him and I think it's even done good things for his owners as well.

So, naturally, one things leads to another and La Paw Spa's become a client as I play with and try to help improve the web site. In fact, I even used that web site anonymously (sort of) in an article this week as an example of an error that I made.

Anyway, I don't know if it'd ever be relevant for you (hey, I did say this was random and unrelated!), but every so often I like to plug my clients.

Just because. Smile

'till next time...


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