Ask Leo! #749 – How Long Does Windows 7 Have Before It’s Phased Out?

The End Is Coming! When it comes to Windows 7 that's what Microsoft would tell you. But is it? That's surprisingly more complex than you might think.

One thing that's become significantly simpler over the years? Hooking up your TV to your computer.

One thing that's not changed? Malware often leaves things behind.

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How Long Does Windows 7 Have Before It's Phased Out?

Windows 7's days are numbered, it's true. The end is near.

But what does “end” really mean? Windows XP came to its end years ago, and there are those who continue to use it.

Depending on what you mean by “phase out”, there are several different possible answers.

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Can I Use My TV as a Second Display?

How can I connect my computer to my TV such that I can see everything I am doing on the computer on my TV screen. I am not trying to use the TV as a primary monitor but as a secondary one, like the one you can see in a computer show on TV.

If you have an old (as in pre-digital) television, the answer is that you probably can't, and if you can, you probably shouldn't. The results will be … well, I'll just say less than ideal. Older TVs just weren't made for the kind of display that our computers expect.

However, if your TV is relatively new — almost any “flat” TV will do — and your computer is also relatively current, you'll probably be able to do exactly what you have in mind, just like the shows you're watching on TV.

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How Do I Remove this Error on Startup?

I was receiving popped up virus/trojan warnings from Avira. At first, I just kept ignoring it since it was on the “Deny Access” selection. It continued to pop up frequently each time I was on the internet. I finally changed the “Deny Access” selection to the “Delete” selection. As soon as I did this, Windows Defender also did its thing. I couldn't remember what the message was from WD. I no longer get the pop up warnings but each time I log in to my computer, I get the following error message:

Error loading C:/Users//AppData/Local/Temp/cmstpcln.dll
The specified module could not be found.

After I click the OK button, I have no problem getting into the internet. Can you explain to me why I am getting this error message and how do I get rid of it? Did I do the right thing by deleting the virus/trojan warning?

Letting the anti-malware tools do their job was absolutely the right thing to do.

It's simply that the cleanup performed by your anti-malware tools was just shy of complete. That's not actually uncommon, though I'm not sure why. I'll explain what happened, and how to clean that last annoying part up manually.

It's actually a technique that can be useful in other, non-malware related situations as well.

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