Ask Leo! #729 – How Do I Change the Default Mail Program in Windows?

Hello again! Hope all's well in your corner of the world.

I've updated my book Just Do This: Back Up!. Various changes, mostly aiming the book a little more towards Windows 10 and related technologies.

If you already own a copy and have registered it, login to your Ask Leo! account, go to the owner's page for the book and you'll find the new PDF available for immediate download. (.mobi and .epub coming soon.) If you don't have it yet, now's a great time to pick up a copy: it's on sale for 25% off, and you can also use your newsletter subscriber's coupon code (shown near the end of every emailed newsletter) for additional savings.

Just Do This: Back Up! side steps the confusing world of back up choices by laying out a recipe of steps that you can follow to get yourself backed up. No long explanations of why, no series of alternatives to choose from, just my recommendations of what to do, and how to do it, step by step. (100% guaranteed: your money back if you find it's not your cup of tea.)

Speaking of my recommendations...

Not unsurprisingly my article last week -- Microsoft, We Deserve Better sparked a fair amount of discussion (and more than a little venting) in the comments. I have it on good authority that it was seen within Microsoft. Whether or not anything will come of that is anyone's guess.

This week...

You use a web based email service. You click a link to send an email. The result? Something about configuring email accounts? What the heck? How Do I Change the Default Mail Program in Windows? has ya covered.

Two Facebook accounts? Well, that can happen for a couple of reasons, one benign, and one not-so-much. (And guess which one's not in your control?) More in I Have Two Facebook Accounts, How Do I Delete Just One of Them?

Many of us couldn't live without them, but what happens when they disappear? Don't Lose Your Phone: Here's What Can Happen (and How to Prepare). (And for those of you that don't have a smart phone: that's nice and all, but many of us rely on these devices every single day. This is super-important for us.)

As always, I hope you find this week's newsletter helpful...


How Do I Change the Default Mail Program in Windows?

When viewing some websites, I want to send them an email for whatever reason. I click “contact us”, a window opens and I type my question. When I press “send”, I realize that the email is being sent using Outlook, and as a result I  am asked to setup a POP address etc. I prefer to send and receive my messages using my Gmail account. Can you tell me how I can set it up so that when sending a message as explained above, Gmail will come up as my email carrier?

Chances are that page was set up using a “mailto:” link that instructs your web browser to send an email using your PC. The most common approach assumes you have a desktop email program like Microsoft Office's Outlook, Thunderbird, or other installed, or that you're using the Mail program that comes as part of Windows.

If you're using web-based email like Gmail,, or Yahoo! Mail, things get more complex.

Continue Reading: How Do I Change the Default Mail Program in Windows?

I Have Two Facebook Accounts, How Do I Delete Just One of Them?

I have two personal Facebook accounts under my name. To make a long story short, while I was on vacation two years ago, I could not access my original Facebook account, so I created a second one using an alternate email address. The problem that I am facing now is that people connect with me through both Facebook accounts while I would rather use just one. I did look into deleting one of them, but I'm afraid that both of my accounts will then be deleted as both are under the same name, but have their own email and password. How do I safely delete just one of my accounts? 

As long as you have access to both accounts, deleting one of them safely is no problem at all.

The “problem” that many people run into is when they don't have access to that “second” account — because they didn't set it up in the first place!

Continue Reading: I Have Two Facebook Accounts, How Do I Delete Just One of Them?

Don't Lose Your Phone: Here's What Can Happen (and How to Prepare)

Mobile phones are amazing devices. They're much more than just having your email or social media at your fingertips; they're truly portable general-purpose computers that also happen to be able to make phone calls.

We do a lot with our phones. Because they're always with us, they're one of our primary means of content consumption — everything from social media to news to maps to ebooks and more — as well as our primary means of communication (though ironically, rarely by actually using the telephone) and one of our primary content-creation devices as well, in the form of photos and videos.

As tiny computers, we've come to rely on them to store data, act as security keys, wallets, fitness trackers, automotive trackers, and dozens of things I can't even think of right now.

Given everything we use our phones for, to say that we shouldn't lose them is stating the obvious. And yet lose them we do. I'm going to review some of the things you need to be aware of when (not if) you lose your phone, and some of the ways you can mitigate the damage when it happens.

Continue Reading: Don't Lose Your Phone: Here's What Can Happen (and How to Prepare)

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