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The Netherlands

I'll be in Holland next week. I don't yet know if I'll be able to have a meet-up, or where, but I'd like to try to if at all possible. If you're interested in getting together, reply to this email - change the subject line to "Holland" - and I or my assistant will notify you when I know what I'm doing. I'll be staying near Soest, in central Holland.

Excel Macros for Beginners

Last week I talked about my friend Allen's Excel Macros for Beginners. Just a reminder that early-bird registration ends on Thursday. You'll be missing a 20% discount if you delay. So ... don't! :-) Visit Excel Macros for Beginners right now. Allen's work is something I highly recommend.


Ask Leo! is starting a Patreon campaign. The rise of the use of ad-blockers and the general decline in advertising revenue is impacting many, many sites. Check out the article on Patreon below, and then check out The Ask Leo! Patreon Page to show your support. Patrons have a wide variety of rewards to choose from depending on your level of support. (And I intend to "take all my patrons along" on my Netherlands trip by posting to my patrons-only feed daily!) Thanks!

Leo's Blog

What Is Patreon?

Patreon is a popular crowd-funding platform for a variety of content creators ranging from music ... to technology!

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Where Do I Report Windows 10 Issues?

Is there a place to easily report issues that have been caused by recent WIN 10 updates?

I have a couple of suggestions on where to report Windows 10 issues.

One may lead you to find that not only are you not the first to experience an issue, but there may already be solutions.

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How Do I Remove Myself From the Search Engines?

It was unwise of me to put in my name in some guestbooks. I'd like to remove my information from the search results of the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and so forth. I tried in vain to contact the webmasters of those sites. I'm becoming fussier about that and it's getting more awkward as far as my profession is concerned. Would you please assist me in dealing with this problem?

Search engines are amazing. They've collected and indexed billions and billions of pages of information out on the internet, and made them available for any of us to find, review and use.

Getting into search engines is not terribly difficult. Getting out? The news is not good.

In fact, in my opinion, it's a lost cause.

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The term is perhaps most commonly associated with spacecraft. Data is more or less continually being transmitted back to earth reporting on the craft's position, condition, and activities. This data is referred to as telemetry.

In the computer world, the same term can apply to any data being used to remotely monitor the condition or activities of a computer. Regardless of the level of detail – from minor and anonymous error reports to deeply detailed activity logs – data sent back from computers to a central location for purposes of reporting or monitoring is also referred to as telemetry.

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Featured Comments

Where Do I Report Windows 10 Issues?

James Douglas writes:

At the Microsoft Community, they don't even have Edge as one of the categories. Instead they continue to show Internet Explorer which does not exactly demonstrate a concern if they can't even keep this page up-to-date.

The feedback hub is filled with literally thousands (if not tens of thousands) of complaints about the Edge browser hanging, freezing, causing pages to time out and so forth. I've submitted several "issues" and had my comments up-voted but never have I seen a response from MS. I'm of the opinion that the feedback hub is little more than a placebo. I'm so disappointed that I upgraded to Windows 10 since W7 was working flawlessly. As for the Edge browser, I've reverted to Chrome.

Ray Smith writes:

"I'm so disappointed that I upgraded to Windows 10 since W7 was working flawlessly. As for the Edge browser, I've reverted to Chrome." - I switched to Edge from Chrome and really like it. As for Windows 10 as a whole, it's a very mixed bag for sure. In some ways, it's the best OS out there and delivers a better experience than OS X, Chrome OS or any of the Linux variants. Or, at least, it would deliver a better experience if it worked as it should and didn't keep breaking things. On my machine, Windows 10 and/or its updates have caused driver problems, caused BSODs when connecting a Kindle via USB, caused HomeGroup problems, broken Roku streaming, broken PowerShell, broken Cortana, broken my webcam, as well as several other minor issues.

I'm by no means anti-Microsoft and Windows has always been my OS of choice, but the ongoing problems are causing me to seriously consider switching to something else. Additionally, Microsoft's failure to produce a viable mobile device - Windows Phone is shockingly bad - only increases the incentive to switch as a Mac would provide better cross-device compatibility with my iPhone.

At this point in time, I really can't see a good reason to stick with Microsoft/Windows.

How Do I Remove Myself From the Search Engines?

John writes:

Leo, you summed it up in your article:

>...represents a fundamental misunderstanding of exactly how the internet works.

Gary T. writes:

After reading all the comments here, I just have to say to most of them....get over yourselves, the chances that anyone that doesn't already know your history is nil, or next to none. As Leo says so are just not that interesting. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but most of the comments here are just stupid.

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