Ask Leo! #337 – Removing a recovery partition, speeding up FireFox, connection speeds and more…

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Why is Firefox so slow?

I've received several reports - or rather complaints - of excessive slow downs in recent versions of Firefox.

I don't have a cause, but my assistant may have stumbled onto a solution.

A simple solution that uses a tool that I've discussed here before: CCleaner.

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Is a wired connection to the internet faster than a wireless connection?

While a wired connection can often be faster if it's truly connected to the internet, the difference between wired and wireless connections at home in practice has little impact on the actual speed of the internet.

In this audio clip from an Ask Leo! webinar, I'll discuss why that is and where you'll typically find the real "choke point" for internet speeds.

In this audio clip from an Ask Leo! webinar, I'll discuss why that is, and where you'll typically find the real "choke point" for internet speeds.

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How do I remove the recovery partition on my machine?

My hard disk has a partition (D:) for restoring, but it is very old and I keep my own image copies. How can I free up D: for general use? I use Windows Vista.


First, good on you - really - for maintaining your own set of image backups. That's typically much more useful in the long run than a recovery partition will ever be, especially if you take an image immediately after getting your machine.

But it does leave you with that silly partition.

A partition that you might not even realize is there, taking up space.

I'll show you how to get rid of it using a tool that works on both Windows Vista and XP.

Continue reading: How do I remove the recovery partition on my machine?

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How often should I wipe my disks free space?

reuben writes:

If someone works for an ultra-top secret company and possesses some super sensitive information, would not the person's company give a seminar or tutorial on how to keep their data safe? I find it idiotic to hire someone to keep sensitive data and not teach him/her some techniques to safeguard it.

I agree. And yet, that education often does not happen, or when it does people don't follow the guidelines. We hear about sensitive data lost via lost or stolen laptops often.



What are the steps to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7?

Dave Markley writes:

Being in the PC repair business, I am often installing Windows (or re-installing I should say) on an endless variety of computers. Sometimes due to a failed hard drive, but usually because of virus'. Installing Windows 7, regardless of the particular computer, is always fast and usually simple to get the proper drivers. I've found on almost ANY version of Windows, the WiFi drivers don't install, except with Windows Update or from the manufacturer's site. Sound drivers are an issue with Windows 7, but I've found (as Leo did) Vista drivers usually work. I've even had XP drivers work on occasion. As far as the 'Vista Aero' effects, you can get an inexpensive ($25-40) video card to solve that problem on desktop PC's. Every single time I've replaced XP or Vista with Windows 7, the PC ran faster and smoother than the original OS. Regardless of the physical components. I believe Microsoft did a wonderful job creating Windows 7! I do recommend that anyone considering upgrading an older computer to Windows 7 run Microsoft's Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Tool first so you know what hardware & driver issues to expect.


Does Google's new privacy policy mean they know everything about me?

K.Vee.Shanker. writes:

I'm really surprised that people want free lunches always. Google or anyone for that matter tracks my searches in return for a free software/service, I believe it is fair. Even if they sell my mail id, by that count, I deem it fair. For the simple reason, I've accepted their T&C and used their free services. If I don't accept that standard practice, I should have refused their offer first.


How long can I keep running my copy of Windows?

Robert ODonnell writes:

Hello Leo, I don't have a problem upgrading to Win 7, (I'm on XP pro now), but my problem will be the loss of some software programs like "photoshop", etc. I don't have all my access keys and I have heard that you just lose this software period? I would like to know if there is a way around all this? Thanks in advance...Bob O.

Several options are mentioned in this article and its comments for retrieving product keys from an installed system: How do I find the product key that was used to install my system or application?


*** Thoughts and Comments

I Screwed Up!

Last week I told you about my Internet Safety ebook being free on Kindle for a couple of days ... and I got the dates wrong!

I know why and what my mistake was, but that matters not at all to you.

So if you attempted to get the book for free last Friday, I apologize.

Since I messed it up, I've decided to do it one more time (Amazon only lets me do this a limited number of times).

This time I've triple checked the dates...

You can get the Kindle version of my ebook Internet Safety - Keeping Your Computer Safe on the Internet for FREE today and tomorrow - Friday, March 16th & Saturday, March 17th, 2012.

(Note those dates are based on "Amazon time", which I assume is U.S. Pacific Daylight time. Amazon also points out that it can take "a few minutes to several hours for the free promotion to begin or end".)

That's incredibly valuable safety information you can get for free that would normally cost $2.99.

And if you find it helpful I'd deeply appreciate your posting a review on Amazon.

'till next week...

Leo A. Notenboom
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