👍 #809 – Can My Workplace See What Else I Do When I Work from Home?

Confident Computing #809 - Can My Workplace See What Else I Do When I Work from Home?

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With so many more people working from home right now, there's an important, perhaps unintended consequence: depending on how you work at home, and how you're connected to your workplace, it's frighteningly possible that your workplace could have access to all the non-work stuff you're doing as well. Is it likely? I would hope not. But it may be possible.

Can My Workplace See What Else I Do When I Work from Home? covers the issue in more detail, including some steps to take if you're concerned.

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But I am the administrator! Sorry, but you only think you are. How Do I Run a Program "As Administrator"? explains why it's a good thing, and what you might need to do.

Bing; depending on who you ask, it's either an okay search engine, or a plague on their computer. If you're in the last camp, How Do I Get Rid of Bing? covers how to get rid of it ... to the extent that you can.

Open Wi-Fi hotspots are convenient, but require you to remain on guard for safety and security. One trick? "Terms and conditions" pages that you need to say yes to before you access the internet have nothing to do with your security. Does a Wi-Fi Log-in Page Mean It's Secure? explains why the answer is a resounding "no".

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In this weeks TEH podcast we dive into our differing experiences with food delivery services -- both restaurant and grocery -- during the pandemic. Gary has lots of issues, while my experience has been pretty darned good. I sent some email via radio (prepping for "The Big One", ya know), and Gary tries to dock the Space X capsule. And, as always, more.

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Can My Workplace See What Else I Do When I Work from Home?

Like many, I'm now working from home. Since I have to connect to my company's network to make that happen, I'm wondering — does that mean the company can spy on what other, non-work, stuff I do?

Like so many scenarios, the answer boils down to “It depends.”

It's very possible your company can see what's happening on your computer. It's also possible they cannot.

And of course, it's also possible they're clueless as to what capabilities they have.

Continue Reading: Can My Workplace See What Else I Do When I Work from Home?

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This Week's Articles

How Do I Run a Program "As Administrator"?

My computer says that I need to be the administrator [to perform a task], but I already am! Any ideas as to what is happening?


You're not the administrator. Not really.

Oh, sure, you may think you're the administrator. Windows may even lead you to believe you're the administrator.

However, a security feature in Windows that is on by default means you're not the administrator.

But you can be.

Continue Reading: How Do I Run a Program "As Administrator"?

How Do I Get Rid of Bing?

Poor Bing. It gets no respect.

Honestly, it's a reasonable search engine, but due to Microsoft's ham-handed approach to ramming it down the throats of first Internet Explorer and then Windows 10 users, it's developed a reputation as more of an annoyance than anything else. While Microsoft seems to be dialing back the marketing a little, Bing still shows up more often than many people would like.

Let's get rid of Bing.

Continue Reading: How Do I Get Rid of Bing?

Does a Wi-Fi Log-in Page Mean It's Secure?

Many hotels, airports, and other places with an open Wi-Fi hotspot display a page that I need to log in to or accept terms on before I can connect to the internet. Does that mean it's a secure connection?

Absolutely not.

This is a critically important distinction to make, and it's one I'm afraid many people misunderstand.

Continue Reading: Does a Wi-Fi Log-in Page Mean It's Secure?

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Posted: May 19, 2020
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