👍 #826 – Just What Is Common Sense?

Confident Computing #826 - Just What Is Common Sense?

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Use common sense! Use common sense! USE COMMON SENSE!

Seriously, we hear it all the time. We also hear the opposite: "You had a problem? Well, you didn't use common sense, now, did you?"

Great. But aside from apparently being uncommon, just what does "common sense" really mean? I give it a whack in this week's featured article.

Also this week: Why so many Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables? (And what not to do about it.) Free Microsoft Office in Windows 10? (It's not what you think, but it might be exactly what you need.) Slow computer? Here's reason number 1. (Could be your fault, but then it's in your control.)

On YouTube, in addition to videos for the items above, updates on password length recommendations, and that video I recorded outside, in a pasture, reflecting on my history at Microsoft.

TEH Podcast

Smoke, smoke everywhere! We talk about home networking, and the new network I'm in the process of deploying, as well as Gary's attempts to get rid of the router he no longer needs. We also talk about the Epic versus Apple games controversy -- it's not quite as simple as you might think. We share what we're watching, and of course chat about a bunch more. TEH 111: Fires, Networks, Selling on eBay, Real-law video game battles, and cool shows.

Just a small heads-up, looks like our individual camping schedules will have the podcast taking a two-week break.


Stay safe & healthy. Wear a mask. Above all, be kind.



Just What Is Common Sense?

Just What Is Common Sense?

'Common sense' is frequently suggested, often missing, and rarely defined. I'll take a look at some of what I feel are the characteristics of common sense.


Disclosures: 1) that's an affiliate link, which helps Ask Leo! survive, and 2) I use Snagit literally every day.

This Week on Ask Leo!

Do I Need All These Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables?

Do I Need All These Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables?

Assorted redistributables and shared libraries are installed on your PC by programs that need them. Removing them, while tempting, is fairly risky.

Free Microsoft Office in Windows 10? Sort Of

Free Microsoft Office in Windows 10? Sort Of

Microsoft Office appears in every new install of Windows 10, but is it really "included"? Yes and no.

The Top Reason Your Computer is Slow, and What To Do About It

The Top Reason Your Computer is Slow, and What To Do About It

There is one most common reason computers slow down over time. The good news is, it's often within your control.

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The Top Reason Your Computer is Slow, and What To Do About It

There is one most common reason computers slow down over time. The good news is, it's often within your control.

How Long Should a Password Be?

For years, the standard practice has been to assume that eight-character passwords made up of sufficiently random characters was enough. Not any more. Not even close.

The Most Important Lesson I Learned While at Microsoft

Change of pace video: About half way through my Microsoft career I had a light bulb moment that made a huge difference in how I would seek out new adventures within the company from then on.

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